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Amanda Kilgore is the widow of the deceased and currently trapped in ghost state Kurt Kilgore. She unaware of Kurt's career as a secret agent and of the danger this has put her in. Daniel has feelings for Amanda but their history together is unclear but her marriage to his brother is what caused the rift between the brothers. Daniel claims to hate the both of them but multiple things he has said reveal he cares/cared for her a great deal and Kurt took her away from him.

When Daniel is first visited by Kurt's ghost he begs Daniel to watch over her because the people that murdered him will be looking to kill her too. Daniel kept refusing but eventually he promised to check in on her upon his arrival we see she is devastated about her husband Kurt's death and realizes Daniel is very upset with her. She has not been able to sleep since his death so she resorted to taking very strong sleeping pills that puts her in such a deep sleep if the building was on fire she would not wake. She convinces Daniel to stay the night and while sleeping on the couch Kurt's ghost wakes him up as two hit men break in with the intent on killing Amanda. Daniel tries to stop them and Kurt tries to stop him but they become Haunt and while his suit stops the bullets Amanda is woken up by the shots... must be pretty good sleeping pills. The two together as Haunt kill the two men in her home and two more in a back alley resort to call a cleaner to dispose of the bodies and clean up the evidence. That morning she and Daniel shared another awkward exchange but she was unaware of what happened that night.

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