Who would you amalgamate?

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 i always thought some of these mixes were weird choices.
Wonder Woman + Storm? Ironman + Green Lantern? etc
which DC characters would you mix with which Marvel characters?

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Cybericelec.  A Combo Of Iceman, Vision, & Black Lightning.  Jefferson Drake Was Born With 2 Powers.  One Is Manipulation Of Ice, The Other Manipulation Of Electricity.  At Young Age, He Had Cyborg Parts Attached To Himself By Protron (A Combo Of Prometheus & Ultron) & Got New Powers.  He Could Manipulate His Density, Merge With Other People, Emit Beams From His Forehead, & He Still Had His Old Powers. He Turned Against Him, & Became The New Leader Of The Judgement League Avengers & JLX.

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Wolverine plus Midnighter as a stand in for Batman following the Dark Claw persona as shown in that crossover

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super man green lantern and spider man super spider or green spider

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Cap and Green Lantern or Dr Doom and Joker. 

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X-23 and Batman Beyond/Terry Mcginnis.

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