Off THEIR Minds: What Marvel & DC Characters Would Make a Good Amalgam?

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@thenexusrebound: Ah, then X-23 IS the better choice.

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Hmm...after watching the latest Injustice trailer, I think Raven + Magik + Psylocke would be a good combo.

Some other musings would be:

Emma Frost + Black Canary; or Black Canary + Black Bolt

Punisher + Arsenal

Gambit + Zatanna (speaking backwards with a Cajun accent, good luck trying to decipher her spells)

Wolverine + Hawk (or Hawkman)

The Flash + The Juggernaut

Magneto + Ra's al Ghul

She-Hullk + Wonder Woman

Saint Walker + Iron Fist

Morbius + Etrigan

Doctor Octopus + Black Manta

Batman + Ironman; I know this has been said a lot BUT, with the protege/ward relationship of a Robin + Iron-Spider amalgam.

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If I wanted to have combos, I'd tend to go away from "like" characters, as much as Batman Spiderman combo would be great. Like I'd love to see a Superman/Dr. Strange combo, Supes with the ability of the Sorcerer Supreme. I did like the Dr. Doom Darkseid one as well, but a Darkseid and Loki combo would be interesting. Lex Luthor and Hulk. Wolverine and Flash. (All that speed plus all that savage fighting ability and unbreakable bones) Green Lantern Iron Man to have the Powers of the Green Lantern core and have it enhanced at all with an Iron Man suit. Deadpool and Joker would def be a great character. To many to think and post... I might want to take a look at some of these amalgams...

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I have to go with the most obviously dynamic choices and you'll be asking yourself why

Nobody and I mean Nobody thought of this one:

Howard the Duck & Krypto !

Kryptonian badass Duck-dog he likes his women over-easy and the galaxy is hydrant!

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Magneto and Green Lantern would make Erik the Green or Erik the Emerald
Flash and Blackbolt would make Flashbolt
Wolverine and Joker would make Mad Jackal
Beast and Lex Luthor would make Henry Alexander Luthor
Colossus and Clayface would make Ironside
Psylocke and Hawkgirl would make Tengu

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sentry and superman how i don't know i can't imagine that

and zatanna and scarlet witch

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What I didn't like about the old Amalgam was that the characters were too similar. Fate and Strange, where is the difference. Now Superman and Dr Strange makes a true powerhouse and cancels one of Superman's weaknesses. Hulk and either a green or red lantern ring, depending on whether you think his rage is more intense than his will power, scary thought either way.

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lobo and punisher

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Superman + iron fist

Joker + spiderman

hulk + atom smasher

gambit + deadshot

nightcrawler + deathstroke

flash + wolverine

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@henkuo said:

The Flash + The Juggernaut

Their amalgam will truly be unstoppable, they'll rule the amalgamverse.

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@244 said:

Magik and Amethyst.

That would be cool.

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Union Jack and Knight to become JACK KNIGHT! Hang on... that's already taken. Erm... Nah, I've got nothing.

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@Mutant God said:

Ha I thought of a whole show: Batverine

Batman - Wolverine

Alfred - Beast

Nightwing - Cyclops

Batgirl - Jean Grey

Robin - Jubilee

Catwoman - Shadowcat

Poison Ivy - Storm

Hugo Strange - Xavier

Mr. Freeze - Iceman

Bane - Juggernaut

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Lex Luthor and Charles Xavier. He'd be able to defeat Superman with his I.Q. and telepathy. Not to mention his army of mutant students; brought together to drive aliens from our planet the...The LeX-Corps.

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nova corp + GLs

thor + captain marvel = blake batson / captain thunder (?)

plastic man + mister fantastic = mr fantastic

abonination+ ultra-humanite +ultra-abomination

sentinels + manhunters

the atom + ant-man = atom ant ;p

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Best ideas cames from Fraction and Higgins but Josh Fialkov seems like the only one prepared for that question, Super Captain, id read it

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Darkseid and Mephisto = Mephiseid!

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@Batnandez said:

are the amalgam books worth reading?

Sort of. Some of the stories are kind of lame, but I really enjoyed the novelty factor.

Best: Both Magneto books, both Dark Claws, both Spider-Boys, both X-Patrols, Assassins (probably my favorite single issue), Lobo the Duck, the first Super-Soldier.

Worst: Amazon, Generation Hex, Iron Lantern (sad, ain't it), Thorion of the New Asgods, Challengers of the Fantastic, the second Super-Soldier, Bat-Thing, I also thought JLX was just an awkward concept.

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daredevil and nightwing = nightdevil

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Iceman & Green Lantern = Hal Drake the Cyan Lantern,  a living freezing light construct. 
Mr. Fantastic & Doomsday =  Mr. Adaptive and way to smart for his own good. 
Nightcrawler & Deathstroke = Deadpool kind of. 
Toad & Union Jack & Flash = Jumping Jack Flash
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maybe gambit + green arrow 
vandal savage + sebastian shaw =sebastian savage
deadpool + joker = deadjoke
the flash + jamie madrox 
zoom + the juggernaut 
black canary + havok = black havok
iron fist + batman =iron bat
toy man + mystreio 
loki + lex luther  
Mr.sinister + granny goodness = Mr. goodness 
ultron + brainiac = ultra brain 
bane + puck = M.S.M (mad . steroid , midgit)lol

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creeper+ nightcrawler

batman+moon knight


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Plastic Man and Mr. Fantastic...combine douchebag with total brains and you got one awesome character I say!

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My personal favourite idea is the amalgamation of Cassandra Cain and X-23 into Wombat.

But that's just me.

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Scarlet Spider and the Red Hood - Red Spider? Scarlet Hood? I dunno, I think that'd be cool, but it's hard to come up with a new name...

The Hooded Spider?

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@vacseen: I like the Sebastian Shaw, great character.

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Vulcan + superboy prime

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Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel.....ha!

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Thing and Hawkman = Gargoyle

Batman and Moonknight = Dark Knight ;)

Thor and Aquaman = Poseidon

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can anyone tell what the second choice James Robinson said? i heard inhumans and that was about it. did he say black corpse?

also, a combo of Nate Grey, Superboy would be interesting.


Nate Grey

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Vixen + Hellcat = Hellvixen, the animalistic shape-changing former model, Mari Walker.

Squirrel Girl + Power Girl = Squirrel-Power Girl, the kryptonian mutant with power over squirrels.

Nightwing + Rage = Nightrage, the super strong former sidekick of Dark Claw, all grown up.

Bucky + Mr. Freeze = The Winter Soldier, former sidekick of Super Soldier who was believed dead but resurfaced after all these years after having been preserved in a special cryo suit.

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I HAVE to mix 3, sorry if all the others named just 2:

I don't know if someone did it yet, but I'd love to see Flash + Wolverine + Black Panther

I mean, that speed and things that can cut thorugh EVERYTHING, would be practicly stronger than Millon Superman

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