Marvel/DC Amalgamations

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Doomsday+Mindless, Savage, or WWH Hulk (I couldn't really think of the best combination)  
Sentry+Superman= The Man of 1 million exploding suns  (unoriginal, I'm sure..)
Ironman+ Steel= Iron-Steel   
Darkseid+ Thanos= Wait, that was already made, right?  
Nova Corp+ Green Lantern Corp= Centurion Lantern Corp or maybe Green Nova Corp..I dunno   
Batman+ Moon Knight= The Dark Moon (Huh, Huh? :D)    
Man-Thing+ Swamp-Thing= Man, er...uh..Swamp Man? (fail)
(Unoriginality alert) Deadpool + Deathstroke= ...Deathpool? eh...  
Vision+ Red Tornado= The Red Tornado!  
Mogul+Apocalyspe= I can't think of a name....  
Nemesis+ Echo= Nemecho? (fail)  
Human Target+  Taskmaster= uh.. Targetmaster?  
Let me know what you guys think...

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Pretty good. I remember in the 90's they tried to do this... 
Batman+Wolverine= The Dark Claw 
Superman+Captain America= Super Soldier 
Superboy+Spider-Man= Spider-Boy 
Wonder Woman+Storm= Amazon 
Doomsday+Dr. Doom= Dr. Doomsday 
Flash+Ghost Rider= Speed Demon 
Green Lantern+Iron Man= Iron Lantern 

Boy I miss the 90 's...
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Here's some I'm working on for an Amalgam fan-fic called the Justice Champions: 
Iron Man + Batman = Iron Bat 
War Machine + Nightwing = War Wing
Hulk + Super Man = Gamma Man 
Rogue + Super Girl = Gamma Girl 
Captain America + Wonder Woman = Captain Wonder 
Scarlet Witch + Raven = Dahlia 
Black Panther + Vixen = Raptor 
Daredevil + Doctor Mid-Nite = Doctor Midieval  
Jean Grey + Hal Jordan = Emerald
Fantastic Four + Metal Men = Ferrous Four 
Phoenix Force + Green Lantern Corp = Omega Corp

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Thanoseid rules.
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Black Adam + Adam Warlock= Black Adam

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