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Remember after the DC vs Marvel series there was a series of comics (Amalgam Comics) put out based on characters that where a mixture of DC and Marvel characters?  Well if you were incharge of such an idea what sort of characters would you want to see?  This is your chance to share your idea for your own Amalgam characters.  Feel free to mix any characters you like, even if they are not from Marvel or DC, and feel free to provide your own back story for them.

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Amazo The Super Skrull Prime of Mars


During the Final Secret Invasion Crisis the evil Skrull mystics of Mars have used the darkest magics to endow their mightiest warrior Kl'rt -El with the ability to mimic the powers of surrounding persons, without gaining their weaknesses.  As the champion of The Skrull Empire of Mars, Amazo Super Skrull Prime is sent to Earth to colonize it, but an unintended side effect of the forbidden magics used to empower him, Amazo becomes insanely obsessed with gaining more powers and destroying all that gets in his way.  Can the heroes of Earth defeat Amazo the Super Skrull Prime.
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galactus and trigon I would call it galactugon and or man-thing and swamp thing I would call it man-swamp and the title would say -man-swamp swamp in the form of man.
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Crimson Avenger + Phantom Reporter = Phantom Avenger.
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New Gods and Inhumans = New Humans

And maybe, since they had a cross-over, Hulk and Bat-Man? The Incredible Bat? Bruce Banner transforms into a Bat/Human monster when he gets angry.


  • Bane/Bi-Beast: Bi-Bane
  • Joker/Leader: Maniac
  • Killer Croc/Abomination: Killer Scale
  • Terrible Trio/U-Foes: Radioactive Trio (Vox, X-Shark, Vapulture)
  • Man-Bat/Red Hulk: Red Bat/General Langstrom
  • Catwoman/Ogress: Green Cat
  • Suicide Squad/Riot Squad: The Squadron
  • Mad Hatter/Madman: The Hatter
  • Harley Quinn/The Gremlin: Hyena (A different one :P)
  • Firefly/Zzzax: Electric Eel
  • Killer Moth/Ravage: Rage
  • Deadshot/Half-Life: Half-Shot
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Superman/Ghost Rider

  • Spirit of Steel (Superman/Ghost Rider)
  • Steel Blade (Blade/Steel)
  • Spirit of Steel (Kara Ketch) (Supergirl/Danny Ketch)
  • Roxanne Lane (Lois Lane/Roxanne Simpson)
  • Zophisto (General Zod/Mephisto)
  • Arcade (Lex Luthor/Arcade)
  • Scarsite (Parasite/Scarecrow)
  • Brainheart (Brainiac/Blackheart)
  • Doomout (Blackout/Doomsday)
  • Griffaro (Bizarro/Griffin)
  • Metall O' Lantern (Metallo/Jack O' Lantern)
  • Lilithwire (Livewire/Lilith)
  • Atomic Orb (Atomic Skull/The Orb)
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Vigilante (Wonder Woman/Spider-Man)

Diana Parker goes on a field-trip to Greece, where a mystical Amazonian spider bites her, and gives her the abilities of an Amazon, as well as the power to crawl walls.

She decides to invent "The Web of Truth", a lasso-like, web substance with lie-detector technology.

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@GR2Blackout said:

Vigilante (Wonder Woman/Spider-Man)

Diana Parker goes on a field-trip to Greece, where a mystical Amazonian spider bites her, and gives her the abilities of an Amazon, as well as the power to crawl walls.

She decides to invent "The Web of Truth", a lasso-like, web substance with lie-detector technology.

Who are her villains?

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Venom and LOBO

can't think of a good name...

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cen i mix 2 marvel caracters ?

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Funny man (Joker and superman) aka Clark Kent.Clark came from the alien planet of Krypton where its people resemble humans except they have white skin, red lips and commonly have green hair. One day the planet began to explode, the only scientist to predict this, Jor-El, had a ship big enough for his baby and used it to send his son safely to Earth.

On Earth Jor-El's son Kal-El (Funny man) was found by a married couple called Martha and Johnathon Kent who decided to raise him as their own since they couldn't have kids on their farm, to hide his unusual appearance his parents dyed his hair black and used make-up to make his skin and lips look normal. Early on Clark and his parents discovered Clark was developing superhuman abilities which he learned to hide like his appearance.

All his life Clark wanted to be a stand up comedian but he was never good enough. After college Clark went to Metropolis to try and become a stand up comedian. In a comedy club Clark met a female comedian called Lois Lane, the two fell in love. While in Metropolis, having been booed out a comedy club he stopped a robbery (using his super speed to avoid being seen), after this he realized he could use his powers to help people. To avoid his make-up coming of when he moved at high speeds Clark created a costume that covered his body, it was mostly blue and included a mask and hood leading to his superhero alias "the blue hood".

Clark quickly became the world's premiere superhero. Around this time Clark married Lois and she even got pregnant soon after. Being the top superhero was very stressful, it became more stressful when people began to distrust Clark due to his power since he kept proving to be more powerful than people thought, this distrust grew when during a fight Clark's costume got ripped and his make-up smudged ,revealing his white skin which increased the rumor that he was an alien.

One day Clark's archenemy, Lex Wayne (Lex Luthor and Batman), the CEO of Waynecorp, discovered Clark's true identity when he managed to develop a machine that could follow him without being seen or heard and recorded where he lived. To get his revenge on Clark constantly stopping his evil schemes Lex Wayne decided to first have Clark's pregnant wife killed then reveal his true identity to everyone.

Lex sent a hit man to Clark's home where the hit man found Lois and killed her. When Clark came home, having gotten a chance to perform at a comedy club he found his wife dead, then soon after his home was flooded with paparazzi who knew his identity. When he escaped with his wife's body he was tracked to a graveyard by the army who wanted to bring him in for "questioning". All his stresses, from his job as a superhero and a failed comedian as well as his dead pregnant wife and the conflict with the army and paparazzi drove Clark insane. He killed all the military as well as any nearby people, all at super speed. When he finished he was hovering in mid air, holding a bystander by her neck, all his make up and hair dye was gone. The bystander asked who or what he was and he simply says "why I'm didn't you hear? I'm the Funny man!"

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Super Iron:

Tony Kent was the owner of The Daily Stark, an internaional company. One night, he found a suit of kryptonian armor that had crashed on Earth. Along with it came a holographic message from its creater, Yinsen-El. Yinsen-El told who ever found it they had to use it for good. However, Tony just used it to get fame and fortune as a famous hero, calling himself "Super Iron". When a jealous business man, Lex Stane, invented his own suit of armor and attacked Super Iron, he realized he needed to take things responsibly. Ever since, Super Iron has been a hero, stopping all kinds of villains.

His enemies:

  • The Mandarin/Brainiac: Mandarainiac
  • Temugin/Brainiac's Daughter: Mandarainiac's Son
  • Obadiah Stane/Lex Luthor: Lex Stane
  • Whiplash/Metallo: Metallash
  • Living Laser/Parasite: Living Parasite
  • Sunset Bain/Encantadora: Sunsetadora
  • Melter/Kryptonite Man: Kryptonite Melter
  • unknown/Manchester Black:
  • unknown/Morgan Edge:
  • Spymaster/Prankster: Prankmaster
  • Firebrand/Dominus: Brandinus
  • Crimson Dynamo/Bizarro: White Dynamo
  • The Maggia/The Intergang: The Interggia
  • Killer Shrike/Bloodsport: Bloodshrike
  • Justin Hammer/General Zod: General Hammer
  • Titanium Man/Jax-Ur: Titaniax
  • Fin Fang Foom/Doomsday: Fin Fang Foomsday
  • Ultimo/Cyborg Superman: Ultimatum
  • Blizzard/Atlas: Brainfreeze
  • Galactus/Darkseid: Galactuseid
  • Pepper Potts/Lois Lane: Lois Potts
  • Madame Masque/Livewire: Madame Wire
  • Dr. Doom/General Immortus: General Doom
  • Thanos/Mongol: Thangol
  • MODOK/Mr. Mxyzptlk: Mentlptlk
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Super Iron

I did NOT get this from GR2Blackout

  • Super Iron (Superman/Iron Man)
  • Lois Potts (Lois Lane/Pepper Potts)
  • Pervis (Perry White/Jarvis)
  • Steel Machine (Steel.War Machine)
  • Supergirl/???
  • Kara Stark AKA Iron Power (Power Girl/Natasha Stark)
  • Lana Cabe (Lana Lang/Bethany Cabe)
  • S-23 (Superboy/X-23)
  • Jimmy Olsen/???
  • Lex Hammer (Lex Luthor/Justin Hammer)
  • The Iron General (General Zod/Iron Monger)
  • Mandiac (Brainiac/Mandarin)
  • Metal Man (Metallo/Titanium Man)
  • Mxy-up (Mr. Mxyzptlk/MODOK)
  • Living Parasite (Parasite/Living Laser)
  • White Dynamo (Bizarro/Crimson Dynamo)
  • Madame Wire (Livewire/Madame Masque)
  • ???/Whiplash
  • Fin Fang Doom (Doomsday/Fin Fang Foom)
  • Wolf (Lobo/Wolverine)
  • Atomic Chemistro (Atomic Skull/Chemistro)
  • Galactuseid (Darkseid/Galactus)
  • Apocaliex (Imperiex/Apocalypse)


  • Devil-Bat (Batman/Daredevil)
  • Catsai (Catwoman/Elektra)
  • White Robin (Robin [Dick]/White Tiger)
  • Blue Jay (Robin [Tim]/Cyclops)
  • Karen Vale (Vicki Vale/Karen Page)
  • Alfred Nelson (Alfred Pennyworth/Foggy Nelson)
  • Joking (Joker/Kingpin)
  • Two-eye (Two-face/Bullseye)
  • Stiltler (Riddler/Stilt-man)
  • Freeze Stalker (Mr. Freeze/Death-Stalker)
  • Fowl (Penguin/Owl)
  • Purple Hatter (Mad Hatter/Purple Man)
  • Posion Fear (Poison Ivy/Mr. Fear)
  • Killer Toad (Killer Croc/Toad)
  • Clay Master (Clayface/Puppet Master)
  • Red Hood/???

Thunder Woman

  • Thunder Woman (Wonder Woman/Thor)
  • Odinlyta (Hippolyta/Odin)
  • Steve Foster (Steve Trevor/Jane Foster)
  • Beta Ray Orana (Orana/Beta Ray Bill)
  • Thunder Girl (Wonder Girl/Thor Girl)
  • Sifa (Mala/Sif)
  • Baldiope (Antiope/Balder)
  • Heimbia (Nubia/Heimdall)
  • Herace (Grace Choi/Hermod)
  • Arki (Ares/Loki)
  • Deima (Deimos/Hela)
  • Circetress (Circe/Enchantress)
  • Cheelik (Cheetah/Ulik)
  • Genocutioner (Genocide/Executioner)
  • Gigania (Giganta/Titania)
  • Silver Gargoyle (Silver Swan/Grey Gargoyle)
  • Wrecker (Veronica Cale) (Veronica Cale/Wrecker)
  • Surstone (Brimstone/Surtur)
  • ???/Ymir

Gamma Lantern

  • Gamma Lantern (Green Lantern/Hulk)
  • Carol Ross AKA Red Shappire (Betty Ross [Red She-Hulk]/Carol Ferris [Star Shappire])
  • A-Walker (Saint Walker/Rick Jones [A-bomb])
  • She-Indigo (Indigo-1/She-Hulk)
  • Leadestro (Sinestro/Leader)
  • Arkillonation (Arkillo/Abomonation)
  • Parazzzax (Parallax/Zzzax)
  • U-Hunters (Manhunters/U-Foes)
  • Larvage (Larfleeze/Ravage)
  • Thunder Bolt Ross (Red Hulk)/Atrocitus)


  • Spider-Flash (Flash [Barry]/Spider-man)
  • Uncle Jay (Jay Garrick/Uncle Ben)
  • Aunt Joan (Joan Garrick/Aunt May)
  • Wally Reily AKA Kid Spider AKA Scarlet Flash (Wally West/Ben Reily)
  • Mary Iris West (Iris West/Mary Jane)
  • Gwen Lewis (Beverly Lewis/Gwen Stacy)
  • Kid Alpha AKA Alpulse (Bart Allen [Kid Flash or Impulse]/Alpha)
  • Zoom Venom (Professor Zoom/Venom)
  • Carnzoom (Zoom/Carnage)
  • Lizard Lodd (Gorilla Grodd/Lizard)
  • Weather Goblin (Weather Wizard/Green Goblin)
  • Electro Master (Mirror Master/Electro)
  • Cold Octopus (Captaion Cold/Dr. Octopus)
  • Tricksterio (Tricker/Mysterio)
  • Topman (The Top/Sandman)
  • Captain Boomerang/Kraven the Hunter:???
  • Peid Piper/Shocker:???
  • Shade/Scorpion:???
  • Rainbow Raider/???
  • ???/Jackal


  • Wolf (Lobo/Wolverine)
  • S-23 (Superboy/X-23)
  • ???/Sabretooth
  • ???/Mariko Yashida
  • Deathpool (Deathstroke/Deadpool)
  • Project X (Project Cadmus/Weapon X)
    • Amanda Stryker (Amanda Waller/William Stryker)


  • Strangetanna (Zatanna/Dr. Strange)
  • Zatarra/Actient One: ???
  • Baron Nebiros (Nebiros/Baron Mordo)
  • Dormammon (Mammon/Dormammu)

Luke Sage

  • Luke Sage AKA Questionable Power (Luke Cage [Power Man]/Vic Sage [the Question]
  • Dragon Fist (Richard Dragon/Iron Fist)
  • Renee Temple (Renee Montoya/Clarie Temple)
  • Shiva (Lady Shive/Diamondback)
  • Atomic Chemistro (Atomic Skull/Chemistro)
  • Purple Hatter (Mad Hatter/Purple Man)

Professor Fate

  • Professor Fate (Dr. Fate/Professor X)
  • X-Titans (Teen Titans/X-men)
  • Dr. Magneto (Magneto/Dr. Polaris)
  • Wotonslaught (Wotan/Onslaught)
  • The Anti-Fate/???

The X-Titans

  • The X-titans
    • Professor Fate (Dr. Fate/Professor X)
    • Blue Jay (Robin [Tim]/Cyclops)
    • Marvelfire (Starfire/Jean Grey)
    • Cyforge (Cyborg/Forge)
    • Raven/Angel: ???
    • Beastling (Beast Boy/Beast)
    • Storra (Terra/Storm)
    • Kid Crawler (Kid Devil/Nightcrawler)
    • Metalmorpho (Metamorpho/Colossus)
    • Wolf (Lobo/Wolverine)
  • Booster Cable (Booster Gold/Cable)
  • Blue Beetle/???
  • Dr. Magneto (Magneto/Dr. Polaris)
  • Killer Toad (Killer Croc/Toad)
  • Sir Blob (Sir Big/Blob)
  • Mystique/???
  • Mr. Mastermind (Mr. Mind/Mastermind)
  • Hellfire Club/???
  • Apocaliex (Imperiex/Apocalypse)

International 4

  • International Four (Justice League International/Fantastic Four)
    • Mr. Elongated (Elongated Man/Mr. Fantastic)
    • Invisible Light (Dr. Light/Invisible Woman)
    • Snowman (Ice/Thing)
    • Human Fire (Fire/Human Torch)
  • Vandal Doom (Vandal Savage/Dr. Doom)
  • Galactuseid (Darkseid/Dr. Doom)
  • Silver Surfer/???
  • Captain Mariner (Captain Marvel/Namor)
  • Clay Master (Clayface/Puppet Master)

Captain Mariner

  • Captain Mariner (Captain Marvel/Namor)
  • Mary Marvel/Namorita:???
  • Captain Marvel Jr./Namora:???
  • Black Attuma (Black Adam/Attuma)
  • Tiger Atom (Mr. Atom/White Tiger)
  • Byriris (Osiris/Byrrah)
  • Isirang (Isis/Krang)

Justice League Avengers

Original Roster

  • Super Iron (Superman/Iron Man)
  • Devil-Bat (Batman/Daredevil)
  • Thunder Woman (Wonder Woman/Thor)
  • Spider-Flash (Flash [Barry]/Spider-man)
  • Gamma Lantern (Green Lantern/Hulk)
  • Wingspan (Hawkman/Ant-man)
  • Wasp Girl (Hawkgirl/Wasp)

Later Recruits

  • Captain Aqua (Aquaman/Captain America)
  • Martian Vision (Martian Manhunter/Vision)
  • Strangetanna (Zatanna/Dr. Strange)
  • Captain Mariner (Captain Marvel/Namor)
  • Hawk Arrow (Green Arrow/Hawkeye)
  • Black Bird (Black Canary/Mockingbird)
  • Plastic Widow (Plastic Man/Black Widow)
  • Captain Wonder (Captain Atom/Wonder Man)
  • Tornado Machine (Red Tornado/Machine Man)
  • Metalmorpho (Metamorpho/Colossus)
  • Luke Sage (the Question/Luke Cage)
  • Booster Cable (Booster Gold/Cable)
  • Dead Rider (DEadman/Ghost Rider)


  • Ultramazo (Amazo/Ultron)
  • Vandal Doom (Vandal Savage/Dr. Doom)
  • Galactuseid (Darkseid/Galactus)
  • Project X (Project Cadmus/Weapon X)
    • Amanda Stryker (Amanda Waller/William Stryker)
  • Anti-Thanotor (Anti-Monitor/Thanos)
  • Chrangos (Chronos/Kang)
  • Masters of Injustice (Injustice Gang/Masters of Evil)
    • Master Zemo (Ocean Master/Baron Zemo)
    • Circetress (Circe/Enchantress)
    • Joking (Joker/Kingpin)
    • Arkillonation (Arkillo/Abomination)
    • Cold Octopus (Captain Cold/Dr. Octopus)
    • Atomic Chemistro (Atomic Skull/Abomination)
    • Living Parasite (Parasite/Living Laser)

Other Teams

  • International 4 (Justice League International/Fantastic Four)
  • The X-titans (Teen Titans/X-men)

Other Media


  • Super Iron (film) (Superman (film)/Iron Man (film)
  • Super Iron 2 (Superman II/Iron Man 2)
  • Super Iron III (Superman III/Iron Man 3)
  • Devil-Bat (film) (Batman [1989 film]/Daredevil [film])
  • Catsai (film) (Catwoman [film]/Elektra [film])
  • Thunder Woman (film) (Thor (film)/Wonder Woman (pilot))
  • Spider-Flash (film) (Spider-man [film)/Flash [TV Pilot])
  • Gamma Lantern (film) (Hulk [film]/Green Lantern [film])
  • X--titans (film) (Amalgam version of X-men)
  • Captain Aqua: the Aquatic Soldier (Aquaman [pilot]/Captain America: the First Avenger)
  • Justice League Avengers (The Avengers movie/Justice League of America [1997 TV pilot])


  • Super Iron: the Animated Series (Superman: the Animated Series/Iron Man [1994 series])
  • Devil-Bat: the Animated Series (Amalgam version of Batman: TAS)
  • Spider-Flash (TV Series) (Spider-man: TAS/Flash [TV Series])
  • Gamma Lantern: the Animated Series (The Incredible Hulk [1996 TV series]/Green Lantern: TAS)
  • X-titans (X-men: TAS/Teen Titans)
  • Justice League Avengers: Earth's Unlimited Heroes (Avengers: EMH/Justice League Unlimited)
  • Armored Smallville (Smallville [TV Series]/Iron Man: Armored Adventures)
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House of 52 is a huge cross-over event in GR2Blackout's universe. It combines House of M with the 52 event.


The Scarlet Swordstress (Cheshire/Scarlet Witch) is going mad after the events of the Infinite War, and at S-23's (X-23/Superboy) funeral she snaps, and unleashes her full power, creating a huge flash of light altering reality. They end up in an alternate reality where Spiderbat's secret identity has been revealed to the world and he is retired, Blue Jay is married to White Jinx, Super Iron and Thora have retired, and Wildwolverine, Gold, and The Mystery are the only ones who know the truth. They give a wake-up call to several heroes, and tell them of the real universe. They all form an attack squadron to battle Psineto, who rules the world in this reality. After there very first battle with Psineto, Spiderbat, Thora, and Super Iron mysteriously disappear. Gold leaves the rest of the group to investigate by himself, and goes to X-Hunter, only to find several notes, surrounding by pictures of Gold, that say "his fault". Gold travels back in time, and ends up trapped in a time-loop somehow. In the time-loop he finds something shocking. More to be added...


  • Scarlet Witch/Cheshire: Scarlet Swordstress
  • Magneto/Psimon: Psineto
  • Spider-Man/Batman: Spiderbat
  • Cyclops/Red Robin: Blue Jay
  • Emma Frost a.k.a White Queen/Jinx: White Jinx
  • Super Iron (I posted this combo earlier)
  • Thor/Wonder Woman: Thora
  • Wolverine/Wildcat: Wildwolverine
  • Cable/Booster Gold: Gold
  • Prowler/The Question: The Mystery
  • X-Man/Rip Hunter: X-Hunter
  • X-23/Superboy: S-23
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The Freedom Four (Fantastic Four and the Freedom Fighters)

Mr Fantastic-Uncle Sam= Mr. America

Human Torch-The Ray= the Human Ray

Invisible woman-Phantom lady= Phantom woman

The thing-The black Condor= The Condor

Team origin:

In the 1930’s a scientist named Dr. Sam Richards was working on a rocket for the government that would put a man on the moon. In late November 1941 the government was threatening to cut his funding if he didn’t get results so that night he went to the rocket site with the intention of testing the rocket despite not having permission, accompanying was his best friend since college, John Grimm who is a military pilot who agreed to pilot the rocket, Sam’s fiancé Sue “Stormy” Storm (daughter of the late Senator Henry Storm making her quite rich who helped fund the rocket’s development hence why she was allowed to come) and her brother Langford “Happy” Storm (a reporter allowed to come as someone to report on the trip).

They went on the launch but while in space they were hit by cosmic rays, this damaged the rocket, causing it to crash to Earth while also knocking out the crew, however the spirit of America visited the crew, it bonded with Sam, waking him up and allowing him to land the rocket as safely as possible.

When they all left the rocket they discovered they had gained super powers, Sam Richards gained the ability to stretch and bend his body like rubber, he later discovers he’s bonded with the spirit of America and the extent of how much he can stretch is tied with how much faith the American people have in liberty and freedom), Stormy gained the ability to turn invisible, intangible and the ability to create invisible energy constructs, Happy gained the ability to turn into a light based form, in this form he can fly and project light based blasts. John Grimm had mutated into being large, pitch black, red eyes and black feathers on his back and head (John would have a hard time adjusting to his new form, he would become serious, uncomfortable around people and short tempered). While still adjusting to their new powers the Pearl Harbour attack happened leading to the four to decide to fight the Axis as the Freedom Four.

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JLX- The justice league of x-men

RayBeam- Cyclops/Ray

Firebird- Pheonix/Fire

StarCat- Stargirl /Shadowcat

(NONAMEYET)- Superman/Wolverine

X-Girl- X-23/Supergirl

Vixen the Rogue- Rogue/Vixen

Angelhawk- Angel/Hawk

Icegirl- Ice/Iceman

Scarlettanna- Scarlett Witch/ Zatanna

QuickFlash- Quicksilver/Flash


The legion of those who shall inherit the earth:

Lex Lenshire- Magneto/ Luthor

Bizztique- Mystique/Bizzaro

Master Riddler- MasterMind/ Riddler

Cybertooth- Cyborg superman/Sabretooth

Gigernaught- Giganta/Juggernaught

InJustice league of Hellfire:

Savage Shaw- Sebastien Shaw

Sinerva- Cheetah (MINERVA)/Selene

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BL Hal


BL Thanos

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I Would Make Amalgam Comics Now! 52

There Would Be

The New Recruits For E.A.G.L.E.S. (Elite Agents Gathering Lost Evidence and Secrets)- S.H.I.E.L.D. / Black Hawks

•Rock Fury (Nick "Rock" Fury) - Nick Fury / Sgt. Rock

•Moonwing (Marc Greyson)- Moon Knight (Marc Spector) / Nightwing (Dick Greyson)

•Black Bat (Felicia Gordon)- Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) / Bat Girl (Barbra Gordon)

•Dead Hood (Jason Wilson)- Deadpool (Wade Wilson) / Red Hood (Jason Todd)

•Widow (Kasandra Romanoff) - Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) / Batwoman (Kate Kane)

•Ravage (Daken Wayne)- Dark Wolverine (Daken) / Robin (Damian Wayne)

•Tracer (Helena Maya)- Echo (Maya Lopez) / Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

•The Mystery (Aaron Sage)- Machine Man (X-51 or Aaron Stak) / The Question (Vic Sage)

•Bat-23 (Laura Cainey)- X-23 ( Laura Kinny) / Bat Girl (Cassandra Cain)

The Judgement League Of Avengers - Avengers / Justice League

Super-Soldier (Clark Rogers)- Captain America ( Steve Rogers) / Superman (Kal-El or Clark Kent)

Dark Claw (Logan Wayne)- Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) / Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Amazon (Ororo of Themyscira)- Storm (Ororo Munroe) / Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira)

Iron Lantern (Hal Stark)- Iron Man (Tony Stark) / Green Lantern (Hal Jordon))

Thorion The Thunder-Hunter (Thorion Odinson)- Thor / Orion The Hunter

Captain Marvel (Billy Mar-Vell)- Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) / Captain Marvel (Billy Baston)

Angelhawk (Warren Hall)- Archangel (Warren Worthington III) / Hawkman (Carter Hall)

Longbow (Clint Archer)- Hawkeye (Clint Barton) / Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

Canary (Dinah Barton)- Mockingbird (Barbara Morse) / Black Canary (Dinah Lance)

Tower (Albert Pym)- Giant Man (Hank Pym) / Atom-Smasher (Albert Julian Rothstein)

Hornet (Janet van Beecher)- Wasp (Janet van Dyne) / Bubble Bee (Karen Beecher)

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The Continuing Of My Amalgam Comics Now! 52

The JLX- The X-Men / Justice League

  • Mr. X (J'onn X'avir)- Professor X (Charles Xavier) / Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz)
  • Apollo (Ray Summers)- Cyclops (Scott Summers) / The Ray (Raymond Terrill)
  • Firebird (Beatriz Grey)- Phoenix (Jean Grey) / Fire (Beatriz DeCosta)
  • Aqua-Mariner or Mariner (Arthur McKenzie)- Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie) / Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
  • Wraith (Todd LeBeau)- Gambit (Remy LeBeau) / Obsidian (Todd Rice)
  • Runaway (Anna Ravenholme)- Rogue (Anna Marie) / Gypsy (Cynthia Reynolds)
  • Mercury (Pietro Allen)- Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) / The Flash (Berry Allen)
  • Nightcreeper (Kurt Ryder)- Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) / Creeper (Jack Ryder)
  • Iceberg (Tora Drake)- Iceman (Bobby Drake) / Ice ( Tora Olafsdotter)
  • Chaos (Joshua Summers)- Havok (Alex Summers) / Spitfire (Joshua Terrill)
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Spider Jerusalem and Kid Omega.

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Deathmaster (Taskmaster and deathstroke),General Red Skull (General zod and red skull), Riddler and mysterio, ultron and braniac, and punisher and red hood.

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Aqua Man/Abomination=Aquamination Green lantern/Hulk=Hulk lantern Red Tornado/Silver Surfer=Tornado Surfer Bruce Wanye/Tony Stark=Bruce Stark or Tony Wayne Ant Man/The Atom= The Ant Atom Green Goblin/Two Face=Two faced Goblin Bizzaro/Wolverine=Bizzar wolverine Black Lantern corps/White Lantern corps=ancient Emotional Lantern Corps (Gray Rings Can Use All emotions) More Soon.....

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