Amalgamation Trouble

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I started my own Amalgam Continuity last Summer or Fall, and I need some help.


At first I did Metallo/Whiplash, but forgot about that and later on did Ultimo/Metallo. So I'm going to stick with the Whiplash/Metallo combo, and who should I choose to combine with Ultimo? Remember, its got to a Superman villain since I did Superman/Iron Man.


I combined Venom with Azrael, so who should I combine Carnage with? I'm thinking either Mad Hatter or Ventriloquist.

So, Ventrilicarnage and Anti-Face (Carnage and Anti-Venom/Ventriloquist and Scarface) or Psycho Hatter (Carnage/Mad Hatter)?

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Batman/Daredevil = Dark Knight Devil, ehhh I don't even like that! Flash/ Quick Silver= Quick Flash! Blue Marvel/Icon= Blue Icon! Lobo/Wolverine= Lo Claw! Darkseid/Doom= Doomseid! Mister Fantastic/Plastic man= Mr.Plastic . I'm horrible at this type of thing!

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Thats not what I meant. Read the thing above. If your gonna come up with completely random amalgamations and stuff, do it somewhere else. Thats not what this is for.

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@GR2Blackout: Uhhh... He misread it, calm down.

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@GR2Blackout: There are two Azrael's. Just combine one symbiote with Jean-Paul and the other with Michael Lane.

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Brainiac/Ultimo maybe. 

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Forgot to say, I already did Brainiac/Mandarin, Bizarro/Crimson Dynamo, Dr. Light/Blizzard, Atomic Skull/Ghost, Imperiex/Technivore, Lex Luthor/Obadiah Stane, Parasite/Living Laser, Mxyzptlk/Modok, Livewire/Madame Masque, Zod/The Controller or Justin Hammer (Can't decide), and.. hmmm.. this could sound odd, but maybe Toyman/Ultimo could work.

#8 Posted by Dernman (17087 posts) - - Show Bio
@GR2Blackout: Toyman or Hank Henshaw
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I like the Carnage/Mad Hatter combo.

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circe/enchantress donna troy/ jean grey

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