Was there Official Amalgam Bios?

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I didn't know how to ask the question in the title without making it too long but basically my question is this: when someone for example decides that Dr. Strangefate is Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate + Professor X, is that popular decision on the fans part or did DC/Marvel ever release something that stated who every Amalgam character was a combination of? And if they did, does anyone know where one can access it? I mean I know there are lists on Wikipedia and even here, but is there an official list or no?

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All I know is, Amazon had the powers of Wonder Woman and Storm. I think that's complete overkill if you ask me.

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I've never seen them either.

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I don't remember any official statement that announced which Amalgam characters were a product of combining certain Marvel/DC characters.  At the time, the hype was more about getting people to buy the comics more than telling us who was in them.  In fact, I didn't know much about DC when Amalgam was published, so I had no idea who Starfire was (as in Shatterstarfire), so I was annoyed that Shatterstar was turned into a girl... seems strangely apt now :p  So I think that info has come from the fans over the years.

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they made trading cards but I don't have them. Maybe there is some info on them?

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i've seen a who's who of the amalgam universe. The Preface of Marvel vs DC states that the project was inspired by fanmail asking for "who would win in Hulk vs Superman battle?" (now no one on comicvine would EVER wonder about such things, lol. Sorry i find battles unamusing, but comics and superheroes otherwise VERY amusing) So i guess SOME Amalgamations COULD have been fan made. I dont think they had polls on amalgamations, but at least we know our responses are taken seriously

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