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***First off a short description of where I am coming from:
There are a lot of fan Amalgam universes out there, so I thought I'd throw mine into the mix.  The only problem I had with the official Amalgam universe was the lack of continuity, and my favourite of the Amalgam characters was Dark Claw, so I started from there.  From that point I thought about the different "families" the characters Batman and Wolverine had.  After I went through and decided what characters would fit where I had my list of Dark Claw characters.  Then I thought about my favourite idea I had for an Amalgam character: Dark Claw 2099 (Terry McGinnis/Laura Kinney).  Being both were basically clones of the bases for Dark Claw they would fit... then it hit me -- the AAU (Amalgam Animated Universe).  After working on the idea for the AAU (a mix of the 90's DCAU and MAU), my idea spread from why not a multiverse type thing, sort of an Exiles mixed with the Elseworlds... the Elseworlders.  But what characters would be in the actual universe?  (not trying to replace the Amalgam Universe, just add to and edit a little.)  And from there I went on my journey to create a cohesive Amalgam Universe.  This is what I have:
--Dark Claw characters--

  • James Wayne(Dark Claw) -- James Howlett(Wolverine)/Bruce Wayne(Batman) -- This representation of Dark Claw is more of a Bruce Wayne-type character, with the whole rich aspect and owning a ginormous corporation (where in the 2099 stuff there can be a Wayne-Stark Industries).
  • Jubilation Lee(Sparrow/Moon Wing/Dark Claw) -- Jubilation Lee(Jubilee)/Mark Spector(Moon Knight)/Dick Grayson(Robin/Nightwing/Batman) -- Not much different from the Sparrow in the comics, just connecting the character of Sparrow with the character of MoonWing from the Bruce Wayne Agent of SHIELD comic.  And after the Death of Dark Claw stuff, Lee picks up the cowl of Dark Claw.
  • Todd Daken(Sparrow/Black Hood/"Moon Wing"/Black Sparrow) -- Akihiro(Daken)/Jason Todd(Robin/Red Hood/"Nightwing"/Red Robin)
  • Jimmy Drake(Sparrow) -- Jimmy Howlett/Tim Drake(Robin) -- And here is where I jump into the Multiverse to pull characters for Wolverine's side.  Jimmy Howlett from the Ultimate Marvel universe is wolverine's actual son.
  • Amiko Cain(Talon) -- Amiko Kobayashi(Midnight)/Cassandra Cain(Batgirl)
  • Helena Silvercat(Predator) -- Hudson Howlett(SabreClaw)/Helena Kyle(Huntress)
  • Rina Wayne(Sparrow) -- Rina Howlett(Wild Thing)/Damian Wayne(Robin)
  • Christie Gordon (Talon/Muse) -- Kitty Pryde(Shadow Cat/Sprite)/Christie Nord/Barbara Gordon(Batgirl/Oracle) -- Threw in Christie Nord where Maverick could Amalgam with Commissioner Gordon.  And who better to be the first Batgirl than Kitty?
  • Mariko Akuma(Brimstone) -- Mariko Yashida(Sunfire)/Talia Al Gul
  • Selena Silvercat(Silver Cat) -- Kayla Silverfox(Silver Fox)/Selena Kyle(Catwoman)
  • Alfred "Al" Logan -- Thomas Logan/Alfred Pennyworth
  • Julia Logan -- "Dog" Logan/Julia Pennyworth
  • Sasha O'Hara -- Rose O'Hara/Sasha Bordeaux
  • Commissioner Christoph Gordon(Maverick) -- Christoph Nord(Maverick)/Commissioner James Gordon -- Maverick and Dark Claw might have fought together sometime... can't remember where I was going with some of the things... lost my notes.
  • Thomas Wayne -- John Howlett/Thomas Wayne
  • Elizabeth Wayne -- Elizabeth Howlett/Martha Wayne
  • John-Paul Valley(Lazaer) -- Lazaer/John-Paul Valley(Azrael)
  • Nora Rossovich -- Nora Fries -- a Wife for Omega Freeze
  • Thomas Wayne Jr.(Kitsunebi) -- Thomas Wayne Jr.(Owlman)/John Howlett Jr.(Kitsunebi)
  • Jack Creed(Hyena) -- Victor Creed(Sabretooth)/"Jack Napier"(Joker)
  • Harley Gibney(Wild Card) -- Kyle Gibney(Wild Child)/Harleen Quinzell(Harley Quinn)
  • Wayne James(Hell Claw) -- Hellverine/Wayne Bruce(Batzarro)
  • Harvey Dent(Ogun) -- Ogun/Harvey Dent(Two-Face)
  • Diego Burr(Cybane) -- Silas Burr(Cyber)/"Antonio Diego"(Bane)
  • Pamela Isley(Ivystrike) -- Yuriko Oyama(Lady Deathstrike)/Pamela Isley(Poison Ivy)
  • Matsuo Tsurayaba(Penguin) -- Matsuo Tsurayaba/Oswald Cobblepot(Penguin)
  • Edward "Ed" Wilson(Limerick) -- Wade Wilson(Deadpool)/Edward Nigma(Riddler) -- Come on, you know Wade loves dirty limericks.
  • Viktor Rossovich(Omega Freeze) -- Arkady Rossovich(Omega Red)/Victor Fries(Mr. Freeze)
  • Matthew Darkholme(Shyft) -- Raven Darkholme(Mystique)/Matthew Hagen(Clayface)
  • Bruce Banner(Skulk) -- Bruce Banner(Hulk)/Solomon Grundy
  • Kyodai Harada(Silver Fist) -- Kenuichio Harada(Silver Samurai)/Kyodai
  • Dora Smithy(Lady Omega) -- Dora Smithy -- DCAU sister to Nora Fries, who steals Mr. Freeze's gear in Gotham Girls season 3.  Sister to Nora Rossovich.
  • Jonathan Wyngarde(Scaremaster) -- Jason Wyngarde(Mastermind)/Jonathan Crane(Scarecrow)
  • Master Po Akuma -- Master Po/Ra's Al Ghul
  • Kirk Sallis(Bat-Thing) -- Theodore Sallis(Man-Thing)/Kirk Langstorm(Man-Bat)
--Dark Claw 2099 characters--
  • Teri Kinney(Dark Claw 2099) -- Laura Kinney(X-23)/Terry McGinnis(Batman Beyond)
  • Jimmy Drake(Hyena 2099) -- Jimmy Howlett/Tim Drake(Joker)
  • Commissioner Christie Gordon -- Kitty Pryde/Christie Nord/Commissioner Barbara Gordon
  • The Hyenaz -- The Jokerz -- Future gang based on Hyena instead of Joker. be continued...
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Awesome! :D

Amalgam characters are so much fun.

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 For the Iron Lantern things, I took the colour... and or what Amalgam already had, and sorta matched them to the colour of the Corps... or did what I could...
--Metal Corps--

  • Iron Lantern Corps -- Iron Man/Green Lantern Corps/Iron
  • Whiplash Corps -- Whiplash/Sinestro Corps/Gold
  • Copper Lantern Corps -- Red Lantern Corps/Copper
  • Agent Zinc -- Agent Orange/Zinc
  • Cobalt Lantern Corps -- Blue Lantern Corps/Cobalt
  • Indium Tribe -- Indigo Tribe/Indium
  • Star Strontium -- Star Sapphire/Strontium
  • Silver Lantern Corps -- Silver Surfer/White Lantern Corps/Silver -- There was a Silver Surfer/Green Lantern comic that sort of led into the Marvel vs DC things leading up to Amalgam... so, I thought why not.
  • Lead Lantern Corps -- Black Lantern/Lead
  • Galactians -- Galactus/Guardians -- I thought if Silver Surfer was gonna be thrown into it, Galactus could be amalgamated with the Guardians.
--Iron Lantern Characters--
  • Hal Stark -- Tony Stark(Iron Man)/Hal Jordon(Green Lantern) -- Has more of a Tony Stark-type character instead of a Hal Jordon-type character where the universe can have a Wayne-Stark Industries in the 2099 stuff.
  • John Rhodes -- James Rhodes(Warmachine)/John Stewart(Green Lantern)
  • Conner Rayner -- Conner O'Reilly(Rebel)/Kyle Rayner(Green Lantern)
  • (???) -- Guy Gardner/(???)
  • (???) -- Alan Scott/(???)
  • Yinsin'Sur -- Dr. Yinsin/Abin Sur(Green Lantern)
--Whiplash Corps Characters--
  • Whiplash -- Ivan Vanko(Whiplash)/Sinestro
...once again to be continued...
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@actionfence: That's actually really clever. Nice choices for the various corps-men.

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The Multiverse I have so far... using Hex instead of the normal 1-10

  • 00 -- The Amalgam Universe (official)
  • 01 -- Golden Age Amalgam
  • 03 -- *Reverse Universe (Heroes/Villains)
  • 04 -- (Watchmen-ish)
  • 07 -- The Amalgam Universe (actionfence's)
  • 09 -- Extreme Amalgam (Ultimate Marvel)
  • 0A -- *Nazis won WWII
  • 0B -- *Reverse Universe (Males/Females)
  • 0C -- Amalgam 2099 (Marvel 2099)
  • 0D -- (Vertigo/newuniverse)
  • 0F -- *Utopian
  • 10 -- (Young Justice show/MC2)
  • 11 -- (Atomic Knights/Age of Apocalypse)
  • 12 -- *Western -- Home universe to Generation Hex and Carter Slade(Speed Demon)
  • 13 -- (Gotham by Gaslight)
  • 14 -- Amalgam Noir (Marvel Noir)
  • 15 -- Amalgam Undead (Marvel Zombies)
  • 16 -- (Kingdom Come)
  • 17 -- (Marvel Mangaverse)
  • 1A -- Lambalagam (Larval Earth -- Home universe to Spider-Ham)
  • 1B -- Amalgam 2099 (Marvel Timestorm 2009-2099)
  • 1D -- Amalgam 2099 (Marvel Knights 2099)
  • 1E -- (Superman: Red Son)
  • 1F -- (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns)
  • 20 -- (Batman: In Darkest Knight)
  • 21 -- *Magical
  • 22 -- (Marvel Babies)
  • 23 -- Amalgam Animated Universe
  • 24 -- *Monster Planet
  • 27 -- (Days of Future Past)
  • 29 -- *Government Operative Heroes
  • 2B -- Amalgam 2020 (Iron Man 2020)
  • 2C -- (Batman - Vampire)
  • 2E -- (House of M)
  • 31 -- Amalgam Film Universe
  • 32 -- (Earth X)
  • 33 -- (Wildstorm/Malibu)
  • 35 -- (JLA: The Nail)
  • 36 -- *SD Heroes
  • 39 -- Amalgam: One Million (DC: One Million)
  • 3A -- Amalgam vs. Midcom (Marvel vs Capcom/Mortal Kombat vs DC)
  • 3D -- Amalgam 1602 (Marvel 1602)
  • Mojoverse -- Mojoverse -- there is only one Mojo and only one Mojoverse... or so says Mojo... and I bet he would completely take over whoever he was amalgamated with...
...and that's all I have so far for my amalgam... when I have more it shall be posted...
EDIT: Added Mojoverse.
ANOTHER EDIT:  ...or just have one 2099 with different aspects of each and Batman Beyond thrown into one...
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Awesome ideas.

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I really like Amalgam stuff, I think they should give it another go

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They should. I would love to see more JLX.

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Here are my ideas for Super Soldier:

Super Soldier (Clark Rogers) - Superman & Captain America

Lois Carter - Lois Lane & Sharon Carter

America Girl (Kara Barnes) - Supergirl & Bucky

Green Skull (Lex Luthor)- Red Skull & Lex Luthor

General Zemo (Baron Dru-Zod)- Baron Zemo & General Zod

MOTALLOK (John Corben) - MODOK & Metallo

Madame Livewire (Ophelia Willis) - Madame Hydra & Livewire

Ultriac - Brainaic & Ultron

Baron Von Mxyzptlk - Baron Von Strucker & Mr Mxyzptlk

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This thread rocks.

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@cuddles666 said:

This thread rocks.

It does.

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My ideas for Amazon:

  • Amazon -- Wonder Woman/Storm
  • JLX -- JLA/X-Men
  • Magnares -- Ares/Magneto
  • Silver Queen -- Silver Swan/Emma Frost
  • Mysteetah -- Cheetah/Mystique
  • Giant -- Giganta/Blob
  • Cyborgspiral -- Cyborgirl/Spiral
  • Duke of Mojo -- Duke of Deception/Mojo
  • Blue Bastion -- Blue Snowman/Bastion
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@GR2Blackout said:

My ideas for Amazon:

  • Amazon -- Wonder Woman/Storm
  • JLX -- JLA/X-Men
  • Magnares -- Ares/Magneto
  • Silver Queen -- Silver Swan/Emma Frost
  • Mysteetah -- Cheetah/Mystique
  • Giant -- Giganta/Blob
  • Cyborgspiral -- Cyborgirl/Spiral
  • Duke of Mojo -- Duke of Deception/Mojo
  • Blue Bastion -- Blue Snowman/Bastion


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I added some stuff to Super Soldier.

Anything else?

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I had an idea for a Spider-Boy villain, which is a combo of Lobo and Rhino. I came up with an idea where he would be a mixture of a human and Lobo The Duck's DNA. I n my idea he is made by Project Cadmus and is a failed project.

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TV shows:

Dark Claw: the Animated Series

Spider-Boy: the Animated Series

Judgment League Avengers: Earth's Unlimited Heroes

Iron Lantern: the Armored Series

Super Soldier: the Animated Series

Superfriends Squad



Dark Claw

DC 2: United Return

Dark Claw: the Forever Stand

Super Solider: the Super Judgment League Avenger


Iron Lantern

Iron Lantern 2

Animated movies:

Dark Claw: Pryde of the Phantasm

Ultimate Judgment League Avengers: Crisis on two Earths

Ultimate Judgment League Avengers 2: Doom of the Bronze Panther

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@TheCannon said:

I added some stuff to Super Soldier.

Anything else?

You don't have to do anything. Its just ideas, its not like a fanfic group or anything.

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@GR2Blackout said:

@TheCannon said:

I added some stuff to Super Soldier.

Anything else?

You don't have to do anything. Its just ideas, its not like a fanfic group or anything.

I know that. It's just fun to see some stuff.

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This thread is the BEST.

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Me I Would Keep All The Others But With A Little Modifications And Bring The Old And The New. I Would Call It Amalgam Comics Now! 52

For Instance...

  • The Rider, Etrigan (Jepherson Bloodpyre)- I Mixed With Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) & The Demon, Etrigan (Jason Blood), I Just Subtracted The Flash
  • Dead Hood (Jason Wilson)- This Is The Mix Between Deadpool (Wade Wilson) & The Red Hood (Jason Todd)
  • Ravage (Daken Wayne)- This Is A Mix Between Dark Wolverine (Daken) & Robin (Damien Wayne)

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