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Better known as a Hollywood actress, she pitched the idea of Hacktivist to Archaia Entertainment due to her interest in philanthropic causes and social media.

She described her interest in the series to Vince Brusio:

So I thought, what if the entire group of Anonymous —which is apparently throughout the entire world — is actually just one guy using the group as a front? It’s really just one mastermind. And that made me think, well, who would this mastermind be? And what traits would he need to do what he does, and that obviously means being socially aware, politically aware, compassionate, philanthropic, being able to hack code. How would he create these armies to start these uprisings?

The only person I could think of that would have that power and the tools to do that was Jack Dorsey, who is the inventor of Twitter, and who is a very dear friend of mine.

And I thought: what if Jack Dorsey, the inventor of Twitter, actually created Twitter specifically to change the world by using algorithms and the math numbers he has to reach people to create this kind of change? And so that’s where the idea came from.

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