What Happened Between Alpha and Spiderman?

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I thought Alpha was his sidekick now i read a preview and it says Peter defeated Alpha and took his powers!?!

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@DEGRAAF: So what happened (full storyline summary) was:

  • Parker "invents" something Reed Richards had already discovered and chosen not to implement because it was too dangerous and calls it "Parker Particles"
  • During a demonstration to a class from his old high school, somebody (not Parker) screws up and Alpha gets his powers
  • Parker is told about the danger of Alpha's new powers by Richards and is assigned to mentor the young Alpha
  • Parker gives his best speech and spends a night learning him up, telling Alpha about the full potential of his powers, but Alpha ignores him and charges into battle recklessly
  • Alpha becomes an egotistical prick and also broadcasts to the world the full potential of his powers
  • The Jackal kidnaps Alpha and tries to clone him, but can't cause his powers aren't genetic; Alpha rejects Spider-Man's guidance and goes full celebrity jerkface
  • Parker starts calling in Alpha for regular "checkups" but is really trying to steal his powers back
  • A giant alien that the Avengers can't handle shows up and starts messing stuff up; Cap tells Spider-Man to call in Alpha because they need the muscle
  • Alpha has grown even more powerful and his able to knock the big bad alien on his heels, but the deflected energy of his attacks is tearing up the town, knocking planes out of the sky (one of which Aunt May is on), and generally more dangerous than the big bad was
  • Spider-Man saves Aunt May and the alien is put down, while Alpha takes off because he doesn't care about cleanup
  • Spider-Man asks to take the alien's energy lance weapon since it was able to manipulate Alpha's energy during the battle
  • Alpha shows up for his weekly checkup with Parker but Spider-Man is waiting instead; Spider-Man uses the energy lance weapon to almost totally depower Alpha
  • Alpha is shown back in high school being ridiculed but still with some super strength (bending the metal of his locker) while we get a voiceover of Spider-Man saying that the power is still in him, growing, and one day in the future they'll all try this again, but not as Alpha and not without a secret identity

It wasn't a bad storyline, but not nearly as important as they made it out to be. It didn't really alter Parker's status quo. He mentored Hope Summers almost as many issues as he did Alpha.

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@fodigg: Thanks. Yeah i actually liked him mentoring Hope.

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