Best AF Character..

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In your opinion whos the best AF character? yep there are a few to choose from but if u had to choose one who would it be? Can be for any reason even hair-stly Lol :-)
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@Vance..Nice choice there.

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Nice choice for Amelia :-) another character though imo Marvel doesnt do justice too..

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To be honest im hard pushed to pick my overall fav Character but it would be between Puck, Sas & Shaman :-)

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This one is a tough question. I can't decide between Talisman, Guardian (Mac), Diamond Lil, Meremer, or Aurora.

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I love Talisman though Heather as Vindicator was pretty awesome....though I don't get how the whole geo-thermal suit works. I'm also a fan of Madison Jeffries and glad they're bringing him at least kinda back to normal in the X-Men.

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For the dark X men arch alone.

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I can't believe no one has said Northstar. He's my favourite with Puck a close second.

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Northstar and Aurora, definitely.

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murmur and radius

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