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There have been some brutal murders around Lake Ontario, and Marrina is afraid that whatever the creature is, it might be of her race. So, she dives in searching for answers. Unfortunately for Puck who went with her for moral support, she comes back up more vicious and animal like than ever and begins to try and kill Puck. Namor who has been looking for Marrina arrives and thinks Puck had just attacked her. So he knocks Puck out and Marrina attacks him instead. During the battle Marrina scratches Namor with her venomous claws causing him to be more vulnerable to attack from another human, who kidnaps all three of the heroes.

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Fish People 0

Okay, So Marina has the power in her to stand toe to toe against Sub Mariner, okay I grant you it's a Sub Mariner that is trying not to hurt her, but still ... impressive. What can I say in about sixty five words or more about this book. I have do like John Byrnes art, and it is a good character driven story that has some cool fight scenes in it. IIt's not a perfect book, i mean I would not recommend it as a jump of point but it is solid for those invested in the characters. I was when this fir...

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Puck Part 8: Alpha Flight #15 0

Puck faces Marrina’s dark side for a second time.   Judd asks Marrina to check out to see if she can find whatever’s killed at least seventeen people so far. She investigates while he stays behind. She returns two hours later reverted back to the savage beast he last saw in Alpha Flight #2…which put him in the hospital. He manages to evade her attack until Namor arrives, who assumes Judd’s attacking her and knocks him out.   Judd wakes up just in time to get put back into unconsciousness by t...

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