caladbolglight's Alpha Flight #1 - Pride of a Nation review

Hell hath no fury...

I love the art....I LOVE THE ART. It's amazing. It looks quite realistic, which I love, and the characters all look amazing. Aurora and Northstar very elf, Snowbird very goddess, and Guardian and Vindicator very human. Most of all though, Marrina. She's been completely redesigned, and I'd have to say for the better. I love the look that she has, it's really very good. The hair, the tattoo...she looks both modern and very alien. I 'm currently reading Uncanny X-Force and the art there is awesome, and I love Jim Cheung's Young Avengers art, but I'd have to say that Dale Eaglesham is EXCELLENT and I hope he stays on the project forever. I also really like how Northstar is definitely a featured character but he isn't officially part of the team. 
How in the world can each of the Worthy be in so many comics at once? Isn't Attuma the featured villain in Fear Itself: The Deep? But no, he's all of a sudden in Vancouver. Other than that though, no problems.  
You can very easily jump on this comic with this issue, as the 0.1 issue didn't do the best job at introducing characters (though it does give a bit of plot background). Very nice, I'm very interested in this comic. BUY IT.

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