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A Roman Centurion during the time of the emperor Hadrian, circa AD 117-138, Marcus Aelius was chosen by a race of aliens, the Virmiru, to come to their world to study and learn from their advanced civilization. Upon his return to Earth , Aelius was stunned to learn that over 1,800 years had passed. Quickly aligning himself with Lex Luthor's ruthless ex-wife, the Contessa, in Metropolis, Aelius was dubbed the Alpha Centurion. He formed the Centurions, a private army that protected the city under strict, ancient laws.

The Alpha Centurion later disbanded the Centurions, choosing to operate on his own, away from the Contessa's corrupting influence and that of her company, LexCorp. Learning of the Virmiru's plan to conquer the Earth, the Alpha Centurion severed his ties with the aliens and currently travels the world in his ship, the Pax Rommana. He is frequently amazed at the enormous changes that have occurred since the time of his birth, almost 2,000 years ago.

Powers and Abilities
Alpha Centaurion has no known powers. He wears a suit of armor given to him by aliens. This suit of armor gives him the power of flight as well as superhuman strength and durability. The armor also allows him to create a sword and shield from energy. His strength and durability are comparable to that of Superman. He was also one of the greatest warriors of his time, so he is an excellent fighter and swordsman.

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