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A former cop, Alonzo Malrey was one of the many people to be caught in the sinking of San Diego. Due to Anton Geist and his splicing the water, Lonzo and many others found themselves now able to breathe underwater.When Geist went to help survivors at a local hospital he came across a despondent Malrey who felt useless underwater and all big bad threats would be handled by Aquaman. Geist made a passing comment about being more, but Malrey wanted to explore it further and thus Geist exoerimented on him turning him into the creature he is today. Aquaman was less than happy with it though and told Malrey if he wanted to help then he should go get a police force setup. Alonzo did just that and in his new form became the chief of police in Sub Diego.

When Atlantis was destroyed by Spectre and the remaining survivors moved to Sub Diego, Malrey was the overseer of the move. When the inhabitants of Sub Diego began to become unable to breathe water again Aquaman used mystical means to resurface the city. Malrey, Lorena, and a few other, however, still retained their abilities and went on to rebuild Sub Diego and protect it.Black Manta would kidnap Malrey and use him as bait to lure the new Aquaman, Arthur Joseph Curry, out of hiding, They were able to rescue him however and he was able to recuperate at the home of the mayor of Sub Diego, Cal Durham.

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