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Notable Almeracians

The Last of the Almeracians arriving in Earth's Solar System by way of Maxima's Psionic Highway
  • Maxima - Eldest scion of the Blood Royale, and Empress of Almerac.
  • Ultraa - Descendant of the Blood Royale, and formerly betrothed to Queen Maxima.
  • Sazu - Personal handmaiden and advisor to the Queen. Sazu is charged with upholding Almeracian customs within the Royal House.
  • Kristoph - Maxima's young cousin who was killed on the front lines in battle during Imperiex's invasion.
  • Sh'kirry - Captain of Maxima's personal guard. First to escape Almerac during Starbreaker's invasion. After crashing his ship on Earth, and issuing a warning regarding Almerac's impending fate, he died in Maxima's arms.
  • The Maximec - First mentioned in Superman No. 699. Karsta and her band of deserters arrived in an orange-sun system that was being occupied by a clamp squad and half a battle fleet sent from Almerac. The cryptic moniker was used when one of the commanders shouted, "Renegade Kryptonians! We demand your immediate surrender -- in the name of the Maximec of Almerac!"


High-Tech Almeracian Warfare.

As told in Maxima's first account to Superman in Action Comics No. 651, the Almeracians [awl-muh-rey-shuhns] are a hearty star-spanning race. The House of Almerac spent thousands of years forging a rich empire throughout their galaxy. The first ancestors recognized that no one race embodied all the many aspects of strength and power. Consequently, the early Almeracian warlords began a cycle of continuous warfare. Choosing their conquests carefully, the Almeracians assimilated only the strongest survivors from worlds with rich genetic stock. Those civilisations who were found unfit and inferior were removed from consideration. Ultimately, Maxima represents the apex of generations of selective breeding.


Maxima inspecting a disappointing crop of males.

The House of the Blood Royale was the family who had political and military dominion over the vast Almeracian Empire. According to Maxima in Extreme Justice No. 17, only titled nobility within the imperial bloodline was said to have had accelerated development of their abilities. As exhibited by the appearance of both Maxima and Ultraa, those in the Royal House have the outward appearance of physically enhanced Earth men and women. While admiring Amazing Man in her room in Extreme Justice No. 9, Maxima remarked that on her world, his skin texture and tone was very rare. She nearly stopped short of saying, 'long extinct' making it difficult to place the comment in context. In Extreme Justice No. 12, when Amazing Man accused Maxima of being defensive in a racially charged argument, the alien monarch claimed that as with most older races, Almerac had merged into a single culture ages ago. Whether this remark was only half the truth, or simply highlighted a certain naïveté based on her upbringing, in Steel No. 12, the Krenon mercenary named B'aad hinted at a cultural rift within the Almeracian Empire. If there was in fact enough dissension among the people to fuel an uprising at the time or not was not shown explicitly. In spite of everything, as a result of direct conquest and control, the House of Almerac maintained political authority over ethnically, culturally, socially, and physically distinct groups. Sazu, Maxima's personal handmaiden, represents an Almeracian subject from a slave caste. Overall, her species is humanoid in appearance, however as first seen in Action Comics No. 645, she has a third eye and four arms. Although Sazu is not as impressive physically, her psionic powers were more than a match for Maxima's simulacrum.

Almeracian women overseeing a bloody contest.

The Almeracians lived in a matriarchal society. For women, a great deal of emphasis was placed on procreation and selecting a worthy mate. As seen in Justice League Quarterly No. 13, the status of Almeracian women was much higher than that of the men. Almeracian men were required to be proven warriors simply to earn the right to be selected as prospective mates. Maxima claimed that at some point, the pool of males on Almerac became increasingly insufficient to propagate the royal bloodline. Under those circumstances, the women began taking to the stars to ensure future generations. It was only a matter of time before Almeracian scientists would discover their genetic compatibility with Kryptonians.


In Extreme Justice No. 11, Maxima was fighting Star Sapphire for killing one of her simulacrums that she sent to a party she didn't want to attend personally. Despite an internal dialogue noting a history of fallen Almeracians at the hand of Star Sapphire, Maxima's hostility turned to shame immediately when she discovered that her foe was pregnant. She asked for forgiveness from a 'Divine Matron', had Firestorm clear a conception area, and attempted to assist in the delivery.

Known Powers & Abilities:

As a result of the many strengths adapted from races they have assimilated into their empire, the general population of Almerac has the following powers and abilities:

  • Super Speed

While Maxima has been on record as saying that Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, and Booster Gold would barely qualify as cannon fodder on Almerac, in Justice League America No. 78, Maxima had a different assessment of Jay Garrick. While observing him fight at super speed, Maxima remarked that 'Garrick is very impressive. He is fighting at a level of skill and intensity that would make a warrior of Almerac proud!'

  • Telepathy

Under normal conditions, Almeracians possess a literal sixth sense in telepathic ability. In Justice League America No. 63, the captain of Maxima's personal guard, Sh'kirry, sent out a telepathic distress call after crashing his ship into Manhattan's East River. In Action Comics No. 651, despite having a S.T.A.R. Labs neural inhibitor headpiece on her head, Sazu was able to 'hear' Maxima approaching from orbit.

  • Optical Force Beams

Almeracians have the ability to deliver physical damage in the form of concussive force or searing heat with their psionic powers. For example, in Action Comics No. 651, Sazu disintegrated Maxima's simulacrum with her heat vision.

  • Mind Bolts

The powerful Almeracian Mind Bolt is well feared amongst the enemies of Almerac's vast Empire. So much so, that the Krenon made it a priority to develop specific technology to help shield them from their adverse affects.

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