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The Grail is a worldwide organization, with influence over the highest echelons of political and social power. Their purpose is to guard The Messiah, the last of the bloodline of Christ, until Armageddon comes. No nation moves without the knowledge and consent of The Grail, and the head of The Grail is the Allfather. At the end of every day, the leaders of every nation on Earth call a private number. When Allfather D'Aronique answers, they simply say, "Thank you."

D'Aronique's arrival at Masada

D'Aronique's power is only eclipsed by his girth. He is a truly massive man. He is so big that The Grail spends about sixty million dollars a year in airplane repairs alone - large aircraft can't land at The Grail's base at Masada, and the Allfather gets sick in helicopters. So the small aircraft that ferry him about inevitably sustain damage landing.

Oddly enough, he is also bulemic.

Looking at him, with his nearly spherical body and vomit on his chin, one might get the impression that he's stupid. Most of the people who had that impression are now dead. His corpulence hides a mind as sharp as diamond and a soul as cold as ice. He came to Masada with the horribly inbred Messiah to confront his Sacred Executioner, Starr, about Starr's plan to use Jesse Custer in the upcoming Armageddon. Starr's plan was, of course, unorthodox to the point of heresy, although Custer's power was certainly of interest. D'Aronique had a more personal reason to want Custer, though.

Jesse Custer had killed D'Aronique's aunt, Marie L'Angelle.

The L'Angell branch of the family had left France two centuries previously, though they and the D'Aroniques had kept in touch. Marie L'Angell had kept her nephew appraised of her grandson's progress, writing of her hopes for him and her pride. Then the letters stopped coming. The Allfather sent Grail investigators to look for the truth, and that truth pointed directly towards Jesse Custer, who had killed his grandmother.

D'Aronique saw a solution to both of his problems. He put Starr in a knife duel with Custer, planning to kill the victor. Custer easily outmatched Starr in hand-to-hand combat, but they managed to escape in the process.

This became an insignificant problem, however, when the Saint Of Killers arrived.

This unstoppable killer was looking for Custer, and started mowing down Grail soldiers without hesitation. They were useless against The Saint, and tried to fall back, but D'Aronique wouldn't have it. He would sacrifice any number of men to have Starr and Custer brought back to him.

His death

Eventually it became obvious that there was no stopping The Saint, and that Starr had rigged the base to explode. The Allfather boarded a helicopter, which has hijacked in mid-air by Starr. Starr tipped the copter, dropping the Allfather a hundred feet to the ground below, killing both him and his Messiah.

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