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Alle is a Las Vegas showgirl and dancer and is romantically involved with stage magician Hank Medley, although its a strained relationship. The two are in the middle of a fight when a friend of Hank's visits from out of town to warn Hank of impending catastrophe. That very same night, the ancient and powerful sorcerer Samsun invokes a powerful spell which allows him access to Earth whilst also purging the majority of the human population Alle included to the mysterious and dangerous Void realm. The Void realm in perpetual darkness with a shattered moon overhead is filled with sharp drops and hostile environments, Alle manages to find Hector with the two pairing together to try and find safety, Alle confiding in Hector her problems and Alle also confronting the distance and viability of her relationship with Hank.

Alle and Hector also bonding and fending and surviving against the dangerous native Void realm creatures eventually finding much needed assistance from a mysterious but powerful magic capable human. On Earth they wait for Hank and his cat Sparkles and druid Sudana to find a way to rescue them from their nightmarish realm. Eventually freed Alle faces a new challenge when she is manipulated into working against her friends and loved ones by the powerful and evil Serke.


Alle is an Aspen MLT character created by writer Vince Hernandez and artist Khary Randolph. She first appears in the first volume of the Charismagic series, Charismagic #1 - High Stakes.

Character Evolution

Alle appears in the Charismagic series as a supporting character and romantic interest of the main character Hank Medley. She features in one of the first volumes subplots alongside Hector with those two characters being transported to the Void realm and their struggle to escape it depicted. Events near the climax of the first volume set up both characters of Alle and Hector to play the roles of unwilling antagonists for the second volume of the series. Alle appears to have unresolved emotional issues through her story arcs, best exemplified when the Serke character uses magic to turn her and Hector into servants using magical powers. Where as Hector was able to resist somewhat and realize his actions were ill-favored, Alle seemed to embrace with enthusiasm the freedom of being vindictive and aggressive.

Major Story Arcs

High Stakes

Alle and Hank's constant fighting over their relationship has things cold between them. A friend of Hank's, Hector is aware of a threat the powerful malicious sorcerer Samsun possesses and so heads to Las Vegas to warn Hank. Unfortunately before Alle and Hank get to reconcile she is transported to an otherworldly world of darkness and strangeness, known as the Void realm. Hank and Alle must pool their resources to survive the harsh environment filled with hostile terror until they find aid in a mysterious, stout and elderly man. This stranger helps them get in contact with their allies still on Earth, Hank, Sparkles and Sudana. After their allies free Kon and stop Samsun they rescue Alle and Hector and bring them back to Earth.

Smoke and Mirrors

Hank and Alle both becoming pawns of Serke the elderly mysterious man that helped them escape the Void realm. They were not aware that Serke had been manipulating them and was an extremely powerful sorcerer capable of such manipulations. Although Hector seemed aware they were performing actions that would hurt others, Alle would seem to cherish her new power perhaps corrupted by Serke exploiting her inner turmoil. Alle and Hector now acting as agents of Serke summon one of Serke's most powerful and fearsome allies, the great beast Torgan. The trio proceed to hunt Hank, Sudana and Sparkles even following them into the Golden realm forcing a confrontation with the Golden Guardians and Sha Lux, the Queen of the Golden realm.

Powers and Abilities

Alle has no superhuman powers or abilities. After meeting with Serke in the Void realm, Alle gains magical abilities and powers the extent of which are unknown but Alle is significantly more powerful and capable of holding her own and threatening powerful beings such as Sha Lux.

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