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Saarlautern, Germany (1944); the All-Winners Squad is surrounded by German forces. Working through the city streets, they are slowly overrun and taking casualties, leaving the Young Avenger to make a hard decision.

In present day, a man and his granddaughter are in the kitchen. The man talking about the war and how age has caught up to him he takes his granddaughter to a locked room. Upon opening the door it reveals a collection of mint condition war time comics. Instructing his granddaughter to read all of the comics, he promises to tell his story about the war after she is done.

Vimoutieres, France (1944); the Blue Diamond is strapped to a chair when an Axis interrogator enters asking the location of his partner. Standing next an empty chair, he swings and hits the Invisible Man making him appear. As the interrogation continues, Blue Diamond gives the signal and an armoured vehicle bursts through the wall. The hatch opens revealing the Young Avenger talking to T-Mech telling them to hurry and leave before reinforcements arrive.

Back in present day, the granddaughter is up reading the comics, when a mysterious stranger is watching her from the window. The next day her grandfather leads her to another locked room, revealing his encounters with Captain America, and his involvement in the publication of war time comics. Promising to tell her his story as long as she speaks the truth of what happened, he opens a locked closet revealing his biggest secret.

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