oldmanraffles's All-Star Western #19 - Panning for Gold; The Master Gunfighter review

Back From the Future!

The time travelling product placement has arrived in the old west and Jonah isn't impressed. The 'Black Diamond Probability' story arc left me deliberating whether or not I should drop All-Star Western, yet the Vandal Savage storyline renewed my faith in the series. This issue has definitely made up my mind. The appearance of a certain new mayor 'Gold' has created quite a stir. Aiming his weapon at volatile individuals is never a good move. The arrival of Booster Gold in the All-Star Western series is a surprise, but a surpise that makes sense. It's a surprise which has added a necessary diversity to the series. The back and forth between the two very different characters makes this issue a great read. The arrival of a new gang of villains in Booster's town is a nice little start to a new storyline, delivering a rag tag bunch of criminals who are all individually interesting. One in particular is a small man with a big gun. The criminal activity does not go unnoticed. With Hex and Gold on the case I'm looking forward to the next issue. The back up is another piece of the Stormwatch puzzle, decent on its own, but will ultimately be better when the team is together. The only negative with this issue is the slow pace. However, it is the start of a new story and the build up has to be there. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I will definitely be purchasing the next issue.

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