ganthetsward20's All-Star Western #18 - Frozen City; Stormwatch review

An All Star Book

What We Can Like About It:

Right from the get go we start where we were left. Which for me is AWESOME. I love when a book doesn't dilly or dally trying to catch you up. I've been reading since issue 15 and I've loved the book. Meeting Blackburn was cool and the mother he had taken under his care. I also really like how this book is using its setting to tie in Vandal Savage's long life. We've seen him in Demon Knights and in DC Universe Presents which is a more current setting. I was happy with the ending Arkham and Hex make a great team and i really want to see them each team up with other well known western heroes. But I don't know that the writer will do that. It seems like its always these two from the issues I've read.

What We Can Hate On:

What is up with these backups?!? Stormwatch is something we all probably know a little about but really this is getting boring to read. Fortunately for me I've also been reading The Phantom Stranger and know a little about Terrance Thirteen and is history, so seeing connections to this was neat but not reason to pick up the book. It felt like it went on for a while and you got a story.

By Their Powers Combined:

Well I give the book 4 stars because I feel like Hex and Arkham will team back up too soon and that the book fails to extend its characters in whom it can revolve around. I feel like 3-4 issue story arcs that introduce readers to new western heroes and an over arching story to connect them all would be better. I also didn't like the backup.

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