All-Star Western #10

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The Good

Being that I am such a big fan of Tallulah, seeing her in this issue was fantastic. Last we saw Tallulah she was flying through a window, and this week it picks up where we left off. I think there is a lot about her character that is revealed to the reader without being explicitly stated, including her relationship with Jonah Hex. I think it was nice to see where Jonah Hex stands with Tallulah too -- that he has no second thought about defending her honor as a woman and as someone he really cares about; even though he's well aware she is hard headed and stubborn enough to defend herself. I really thought Justin and Jimmy did a great job depicting that balance, too; demonstrating that Hex has a soft spot for her character, and that he genuinely cares about her well being.

I love the way Justin and Jimmy portray Tallulah; I think they do a fantastic job of making her seem like the hard headed, strong, stubborn woman that she's supposed to be. I love the scene between her and Arkham; I think it's a great portrayal of the kind of character she is and what she is wary of. It also gives us a little bit of insight into her identity, and the way that she identifies herself.

The scene where Tallulah meets Jonah Hex is also definitely one of my favorites.

The Bad

Nothing bad here! Great issue.

The Verdict

If you read BATMAN R.I.P., chances are you will pick up on some of the clues that the writers leave readers throughout the issue. Wayne casino chips, for example, I thought that was pretty clever. I think that it's good that the creative team on All-Star is trying to embed this series into the rich history of Gotham City; and I think it's important to do so. It makes it feel more relevant. I am a huge fan of Tallulah, so this issue really hit the spot for me. I thought her appearance was hilarious and there were definitely moments where I laughed out loud. I am definitely looking forward to the next issue.

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