thanosrules's All-Star Western #1 - No Rest for the Wicked review

Targets and Opportunities

Highly Recommended!

This was my first "New 52" book. It came highly recommended, so I figured I would check it out. I love gritty old west dramas like Hell on Wheels and Deadwood, so how could I go wrong? Guess what? This book certainly lived up to the hype! It was fantastic. The characterization of Jonah Hex was perfect for the anti-hero role he plays. I love how it is set in 1800s Gotham and how well known family names are sprinkled in to give it a place in continuity. I felt the art was a great fit for the story, the times and the feel of this old western era. The story has really started out to be a great multi-issue arc suspense/action/thriller. I am certainly looking forward to the issues to come!


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