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A killer in early Gotham (no spoilers) 0

After Gates of Gotham and listening to the podcast interview with Scott Snyder, I am really interested in seeing Gotham in a new light, seeing it at its earliest. To me, it's the most memorable and interesting setting in all of comicdom. To top it off I am interested in all things pulpy, weird, thriller/horror (see: Hellboy, The Goon, Batman, etc.). So I picked up this issue and have to say I am pretty satisfied.A killer is loose in Gotham and its up the unlikely partnership of Dr. Amadeus Arkha...

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Urban Cowboy 0

Jonah Hex is brought into to Gotham to help bring a serial killer to justice. Pretty simple concept, but then again nothing's ever done the easy way when Hex is involved.The GoodMan oh man, where to start here, because I could go on for days, folk. How about the cover? Holy crap, how about that cover?! Moritat draws the holy hell out of this comic from cover to cover. And his pencils and Bautista's colors go together like biscuits and gravy! (Hey, I'm from South Carolina)I really can't complimen...

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It's an eastern Western 0

This is not a comic geared towards me at all. Nope, not at all. That being said, the book started out well and all the character voices are there. The writing is a bit of a wall, but that is countered by the fact there isn't much dialogue on pages with a lot of captions. If this was the type of book I enjoyed I'd definitely pick up the next issue, but there is one major issue that I'm not sure whether it's just bad writing or the genre and that is that it gets extremely long winded and I wanted ...

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Brilliant is nearly every way. This is one great book. 0

Coming off of an amazing run on "Jonah Hex", Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are back with "All-Star Western" #1, the only book of it's kind in DC's New 52 and hands down one of the most satisfying reading experiences of the entire relaunch. Everything that made Palmiotti and Gray's Hex run great can be found in the first issue. It features a wonderful period feel and some great character work. But in other ways this book is quite different. While Jonah is the same snarling, tough-as-nails guy ...

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It's Still Jonah Hex. What Else Do You Want? 0

All-Star Western lives up to people's expectations as Jonah Hex teams up with Amadeus Arkham to track a Jack the Ripper-style killer in old Gotham City. It is a different way of starting off a book like this, setting a western in the east, but it pays off.Rather than Jonah Hex, the story is told through the perspective and narration of Amadeus Arkham. This works really well for introducing Hex, though. Arkham spends a great deal of time trying to understand Hex, making himself a good vehicle for...

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Deeper psychological issues 0

In terms of the "cop buddies" genre of fiction, this issue offers one of the strangest pairings ever - the wild west bounty hunter with the founder of Arkham Asylum (who would later go on to become an inmate.)  Hex shows up in Gotham to find a man that has been killing prostitutes and his initial reception is a cold one by the city's lawmen.  He is instead paired off with Amadeus Arkham who provides a running commentary on the issue.  The entire issue has a very creepy feel to it, which is aided...

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Gotham City: Year One 0

The Good: That cover is beautiful. Fantastic detail, great 'first issue' positioning, fantastic mood set with dusty tones of orange. Everything. The artwork inside is deceptively simple, yet done by the same artist as the cover. I'm impressed, and I love the style of the interior art. Different colors are subtly emphasized to help accentuate the mood of the various scenes. It looks kind of simple from a glance, but when you're reading it, it really sets the tone amazingly. Jonah Hex is the real ...

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There is a Hex in Gotham tonight. 0

What can I say? Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray can weave a Jonah Hex story like no other creative team.  This issue of the 52 is much like the Green Lantern and Bat books in that the universe prior to 52 is still pretty consistent, not much if any things has changed.  This issue reads like a Jonah Hex story by Jimmy and Justin, why because it is a Hex story from Jimmy and Justin.  One neat thing I like about the relaunch is that now the stories are not Jonah Hex specific, but stories that effec...

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No Sleep For The Wicked 0

The Story: Amadeus Arkham enlists the help of Jonah Hex to help track down the Gotham Butcher.  My Thoughts:The creative team of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti who previously worked together on the Jonah Hex series reunite for this new All Star Western series which stars Jonah Hex. One of the key factors that made me want to pick this up aside from the creative team and Jonah Hex was that it was taking place in Gotham City. After reading this first issue, I think it's safe to say Gotham City is...

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Where's My Compass? 0

The exact location of Gotham City is rarely explicitly stated, but one thing that's almost universally agreed on is that it's somewhere on the east coast. Choosing this setting for a story taking place in All-Star WESTERN is odd, but I am totally willing to ignore that because this comic is so good.We have a murder mystery based on Arthur Conan Doyle's formula with Jonah Hex in the role of Sherlock Holmes and Amadeus Arkham being the narrating Watson. Arkham shares Watson's amazement toward Holm...

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Outstanding! 0

I've never been a reader of Jonah Hex, but I've always liked the western genre... which is exactly why I didn't think I'd like this book. As we can see from the cover, the story takes place in Gotham. My first reaction: why? Why do we need to set this in Gotham? Isn't the west big enough? Does everything have to tie back to Batman?  But I finally got around to reading it - and man, was I impressed. The writing is sharp. The story teams Hex with Amadeus Arkham, as the two investigate a grisly str...

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Targets and Opportunities 0

Highly Recommended!This was my first "New 52" book. It came highly recommended, so I figured I would check it out. I love gritty old west dramas like Hell on Wheels and Deadwood, so how could I go wrong? Guess what? This book certainly lived up to the hype! It was fantastic. The characterization of Jonah Hex was perfect for the anti-hero role he plays. I love how it is set in 1800s Gotham and how well known family names are sprinkled in to give it a place in continuity. I felt the art was a grea...

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The art looks simple and yet very detailed at the same time, and I love the design of Old Gotham city. It is strange to see Jonah hex in a city setting. I only followed him through the first 10 or 12 issues of the Polmiotti series. i do not know how unusual this is for him.The cover is also amazing, and manages to set the tone for the story withing, all the while really just being a hero cover. With earthy browns instead of the usual dingy grey associated with Gotham city. The art inside is also...

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