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All Star Superman The Movie

All Star Superman is a throwback to the Silver age, when continuity was not as important as story. In this movie Lex Luthor sabotages a space flight causing Superman to save it. He fights the parasite, and in doing so flies so close to the sun he supercharges himself to the point where he can no longer take it and he begins to die. Wanting to say goodbye to the earth he reveals himself to Lois lane, and even gives her his powers for the day. he visits Lex Luthor and even Jimmy Olsen.

Strangely enough, the movie feels episodic, like the comic book it comes from. yet manages to come together smoothly also. As he faces each obstacle placed in front of him.

The best of these sequences is when he gives Lois Lane part of his super powers. This just serves to remind us why the are the greatest couple in comics.

The ending is a hard one to watch. Superman is such an Iconic character, that anything other than a happy ending is rare to see. In the comics we get them sometime, but in a different medium? This is unheard of. This among many other reasons is why All Star Superman is among the best animated Movies.


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