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WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a great movie. It matched the comic and showed great action and it was amazing. Though some of the issues weren't there but it was still great. The cast was fantastic and its a great story and I loved it. I recommend reading the comic first so you can learn more,but also see where the movie is based on. I'm giving it 5/5 because its a great story, matches the comic and its one of the best Superman stories that is fun to watch over and over!

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    I have been loving the DC Universe Animated movies I have seen and have been trying to get my hands on as many as I can get/afford so when I noticed that they adapted All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely I had to get this as I enjoyed the series. Having now read the series and watched the film if I wanted to I am able to compare the two but even though I will make some comparisons like pointing out the odd thing that I might have preferred closer from the comic or certain sequen...

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