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  This is my first review here on comic vine. All Star Superman is one of my favourite stories of all time. Its up there with Kingdom Come and Akira, well its below Akira but at the top for everything else. If you haven't read the Eisner award winning comic, and you like DC's animated original movies.. then you will probably find this very entertaining… saying that.. If you haven't read all star superman, i don't know what you're waiting for.. Go read it.  WHERE ITS GOOD... As a stand alone p...

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Review: All-Star Superman 0

I've seen a lot of positive reviews for this movie. And let me say right off the bat, that may have done more harm than good when I sat down and ordered it OnDemand (I had a coupon for a free movie). I have the feeling that most reviewers re-read the books and then watched the movie. The problem with this is that the awesomeness of the books can carry over into the movie, making you think it was better than it was. I haven't read the story in about a year, so I'm going into the movie somewhat fr...

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All Star Endeavor! 0

Ok, I hope I don't forget anything because it's been a couple hours since I watched the movie and I decided to delve into the special features before I sat down to write this. The story is freaking amazing.  Right now I feel like the only comic book fan on the face of the planet that hasn't read the comic.  I know, commence with the beatings.  In my defense I did just order volumes 1 & 2 graphic novels from Barnes & Noble, by this time next week I'll be all caught up. This story really d...

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WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! 0

This was a great movie. It matched the comic and showed great action and it was amazing. Though some of the issues weren't there but it was still great. The cast was fantastic and its a great story and I loved it. I recommend reading the comic first so you can learn more,but also see where the movie is based on. I'm giving it 5/5 because its a great story, matches the comic and its one of the best Superman stories that is fun to watch over and over!...

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Great adaptation! 0

Be warned:  There are spoilers within.  Well, I hate to say it, but I wasn't a big fan of the original comic.  I thought the comic jumped around way too much and was just too scattered.  With that said, I felt the movie not only exceeded my expectations, but made me appreciate the source material more.  I feel that the greatest asset of this movie was the relationship between Superman and Lex, especially Lex.  I really like getting to see Lex "win."  However, despite the hate that he harbored, h...

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All Star Superman BluRay Combo Pack 0

One of DC Comics most successful stories gets it's turn, at being converted to a animated feature. Superman, a man whom has everything, is about to loose it all by one man -- Lex Luthor! After a manned mission to the sun, Superman gets overexposure of solar radiation which is slowly eating is cells and away at his life. With only a few weeks to live, Superman is going to do everything that he has dreamed of in a short amount of time. While Lex Luthor is glad that he has finally accomplished ...

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All-Star Superman 0

SynopsisClark Kent/Superman finds that he's dying and it's up to him to find a cure before it's too late. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor's plan goes well as he attempts to destroy Superman once and for all.The GoodAlthough, I haven't read the All-Star Superman comics. This was a fun movie. I liked the fact that Superman is dying of a different cause rather than just kryptonite. It's good to see that Clark has revealed his true identity to Lois Lane. It was also nice to see that Lois Lane has given the si...

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Death of a Hero 0

I have been loving the DC Universe Animated movies I have seen and have been trying to get my hands on as many as I can get/afford so when I noticed that they adapted All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely I had to get this as I enjoyed the series. Having now read the series and watched the film if I wanted to I am able to compare the two but even though I will make some comparisons like pointing out the odd thing that I might have preferred closer from the comic or certain sequen...

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All Star Superman The Movie 0

All Star Superman is a throwback to the Silver age, when continuity was not as important as story. In this movie Lex Luthor sabotages a space flight causing Superman to save it. He fights the parasite, and in doing so flies so close to the sun he supercharges himself to the point where he can no longer take it and he begins to die. Wanting to say goodbye to the earth he reveals himself to Lois lane, and even gives her his powers for the day. he visits Lex Luthor and even Jimmy Olsen.Strangely en...

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Two Stars for Superman 0

Now I haven't read the comic this film was based on, which may affect my judgement, but I thought this movie was weak. Firstly it didn't really feel like a movie, it was just some random events that happened to occur in the last few month of Supermans life. Also the events that did happen were completely random, one minute he's answering profound questions from a weird spinx creature, next he's fighting two returned Kryptonians, and then he's flying into the sun. I thought the movie was just we...

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Far From All Star 0

It was an attempt to adapt Grant Morrison's "All Star Superman" comic book series and it sorta worked. The movie is extremely faithful to the original source material but I think the main reason why I didn't like it was because it tried too hard. It compacted as much of the storyline into a little over an hour movie and as a result, it’s a mishmash of the best parts of Morrison’s vision. Basically, it was simply glossed over too much and the movie was over too quickly.The strength o...

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