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With America’s involvement with World War II evident, the Justice Society decides to disband and enlist in their secret identities; all except Dr. Fate and the Spectre. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Nazi General Sakuel makes a partnership with the Feathered Serpent. The Feathered Serpent plans on bringing back the Mayan Empire by sacrificing Shiera Sanders, aka Hawkgirl. Back in the U.S., Johnny Quick and Robotman go to the Statue of Liberty to stop some saboteurs. They meet up with the other All-Stars, just in time for Danette Reilly to discover she has the ability to generate fire at will. The speedster puts out the flames, and Danette discovers her brother Rod’s secret: he was the hero Firebrand. Danette adopts the Firebrand identity, and joins the All-Star Squadron. Hawkman asks the All-Stars for help finding the missing Shiera, and they travel to Mexico. Once there, they find Nazis and the Feathered Serpent about to sacrifice Shiera.

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