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the culmination of the Ultra Humanite ark. Brainwave Jr leads the All Stars to Ulta's lair. An alarm in the base means that Ultra and her lackeys are ready and quickly dispatch them. BW Jr during the battle replaces his father and when Ultra is preparing to get rid of the unconcious heroes he suggests a means. He uses his brain power with Ulra's powerstone to end them to limbo. Unbeknownst to Ultra he influenced the transfer so that after Ultra and her ilk leave the All Stars already in limbo return. As the All Stars re-appear the Infinitors arrive. This time a battle is avoided with quck explanations of their being from the future and mind controlled by Ultra. Both teams join together and split up to take on the Secret Society of Super Villains. Once they have defeated all they meet at the hospital that Ultra plans to sue to transfer his/her brain. As this is happening Amazingman reveals that he has been pretending to be on Ultras side and holds things up until the All Stars arrive. Ultra is beaten and seemingly killed by Cyclotron, who it's now known only served Ultra to find a cure for his baby daughter.

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