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The Shining Knight takes down a trio of museum thieves. Flash back to the Sixth Century, and the court of Camelot. Queen Guinevere's cousin, Sir Fallon, staggers into the great hall, then dies. Sir Fallon has been struck down by a monstrous ogre, Blunderbore. Several knights declare Sir Fallon's demise his own fault, for daring to face Blunderbore. King Arthur shames the knights, until several step up, willing to avenge Sir Fallon. Sir Justin, new to the round table, requests that the honor be given to him. En route to face Blunderbore, Sir Justin is attacked by a pair of brigands. In routing the bandits, Sir Justin inadvertently releases the wizard, Merlin, from his long imprisonment.

In gratitude, Merlin enchants Sir Justin's armor, sword, and steed. Merlin accidentally speaks of events in Sir Justin's life that are still in the young knight's future. Taking to the skies, upon Winged Victory, Sir Justin quickly crosses the distance to the frozen Northlands, to face Blunderbore. After a pitched combat, Sir Justin succeeds in slaying Blunderbore. Before death can claim him, Blunderbore kicks Sir Justin, and Winged Victory, into an icy ravine. An avalanche seals Sir Justin, and Winged Victory, in ice, where they spend the next few millennia in suspended animation.

In the 20th Century, the frozen block containing Sir Justin, and Winged Victory, drifts to the shores of New England, where it is found by a museum curator, Doctor Moresby. Using dynamite, Moresby frees Sir Justin from his icy prison. Disoriented by his long slumber, Sir Justin is slow to adjust to the new era. Moresby sets Sir Justin up at the museum, where Sir Justin is quickly introduced to running hot water, electricity, and modern garments. Sir Justin authenticates a diamond, that once belonged to King Arthur. Sir Justin leaps to Queen Guinevere's defense, when Moresby sullies the honor of her name. Moresby wisely blames the "historical inaccuracies", regarding Guinevere, on Arthur's nemesis, Mordred.

Sir Justin meets Eve Barclay, daughter of one of the museum's benefactors. Barclay shamelessly flirts with Sir Justin. Moresby, investigating a commotion in the museum, is assaulted by thieves. Sir Justin takes up arms against the thieves, as the Shining Knight. Despite their best efforts, the thieves quickly realize they are no match for the Shining Knight. The thieves flee, but the Shining Knight is quick to pursue, and quicker to subdue. Merlin's enchantments keep Barclay from recognizing that the Shining Knight is Sir Justin. Thus begins the heroic sage of the Shining Knight, who will soon go on to be a charter member in both the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and the All-Star Squadron.

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