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Liberty Belle relays her origin story to the Tarantula. In the Fall of 1938, Libby Lawrence was working as a receptionist, at the American embassy, in Poland. A businessman, Richard Cannon, stopped in to see Lawrence's father, Major James Lawrence. Cannon shamelessly hit on Lawrence, until her father made his presence known. Despite Cannon's overt boldness, Lawrence agreed to go on a date with him. Returning to the American embassy, Cannon, and Lawrence, arrived just as a German Stuka began a bombing run. Lawrence's father died in the bombing. Cannon's attempt to comfort Lawrence was met with scorn.

Lawrence remained in Poland, to bear witness to the brutality of Nazi's Germany's occupation. While watching Nazi soldiers round up Polish Jews, Lawrence was taken, at gunpoint, by Major Strasse. Before Strasse could pull the trigger, he was stopped by Colonel Krupp. To her astonishment, Lawrence recognized "Krupp" as Cannon. Furious that Cannon had been revealed as a German spy, Lawrence, nonetheless, allowed him to escort her to the train station, and supply her with the proper papers to escape Poland. In Holland, Lawrence reported what she had seen in Poland. Dutch officials dismissed her warnings, believing their neutrality agreement protected them from Nazi aggression.

In short order, Germany invaded Denmark, Norway, and France, all while taking Holland, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Once more, Cannon appeared to Lawrence, and aided her in escaping Amsterdam. By the time Lawrence reached France, the Battle of Dunkirk was already underway. Again, Cannon appeared to Lawrence, ushering her into a boat, bound for England. Lawrence's feelings for Cannon remained conflicted. He was the enemy, yet she was only alive because of him. A German Stuka strafed Lawrence's craft. Lawrence was the sole survivor. An Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer, Lawrence swam the English Channel, safely reaching the shores of Dover.

Lawrence's escape from Nazi-occupied Europe made her a celebrity. Lawrence used her celebrity status to spread the word about German atrocities. Taking a brief respite in Philadelphia, Lawrence became acquainted with the caretaker of the Liberty Bell, Thomas Revere. Quite by accident, Lawrence discovered that when the Liberty Bell was rung, the souvenir shard of the bell she carried with her resonated, endowing her with greater physical prowess. By chance, Lawrence spied Cannon, speaking with another German spy, about a meeting planned for that night. Lawrence found she was unable to bring herself to alert the authorities, due to her conflicted feelings for Cannon.

Lawrence, instead, adopted the costumed identity of Liberty Belle, deciding to handle the matter personally. Eavesdropping on the meeting, Lawrence, as Liberty Belle, discovered that Cannon was actually a spy for the Allies. Discovered by the Germans, Cannon was taken at gunpoint. Liberty Belle stormed the lodge, stealing a notebook full of German secrets, to draw the spies after her. When only two followed, Liberty Belle doubled back, and beat them into submission. With the remaining two German spies on her tail, Liberty Belle dove into the river. Holding her breath, Liberty Belle waited for the Germans' boat to pass right over her, before striking. After making sure Cannon was okay, Liberty Belle departed, but not without giving Cannon a way to contact her.

Thus began the costumed career of Liberty Belle. From there, Liberty Belle would go on to be a charter member of the All-Star Squadron, eventually being named it's chairperson. It is in the All-Star Squadron where Liberty Belle would meet, and marry, the headstrong adventurer, Johnny Quick. Having finished her narrative, Liberty Belle departs, with Johnny Quick, to finally begin their honeymoon.

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