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As Captain Marvel attacks the group of the All Star Squadron Consisting of Green Lantern, Liberty Belle, and Johnny Quick; Green Lantern reminds them that Captain Marvel fought him all over London once. Upon breaking Green Lantern’s sphere it shows that Captain Marvel did not want to attack them. A strange shadow being emerges and attacks the team of heroes. When they are all defeated the black shadows formed into a Black Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt hits Captain Marvel and turns him into a young boy. With no powers Billy Plummets toward the ground. Green Lantern moves quick to save him. As Johnny Quick carries Liberty Belle the Shadow forms into a man. Using her new Sonic powers Liberty Belle defeats him. Save for the monster takes a giant shape. Billy realizes that Green Lantern can’t help if he’s stuck trying to protect him. Changing into Captain Marvel right before Green Lantern eyes he flies off freeing Green Lantern. Green lantern charges forward. “And I shall shed my light over Dark Evil, for the Dark Things cannot stand the light…the light of the Green Lantern” Unleashing a full blast from his ring Alan Scot defeats the shadow creature this time for good.

The talk instantly changes to the reason they are here. They are looking for Firebrand last seen with the Harbinger. Captain Marvel Assures them that should a woman on fire flying in Fawcett City he would have known about it. Later after they get back to safe grounds Green Lantern informs Captain Marvel that his two teammates maybe grouchy because they got married not a hour ago. After eating at a diner the trio of heroes are taken back to Billy’s place. Here he points out that they is only one bed. Green Lantern is quick to point out that is fine. In the last panels it leads you think that though Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle are going to enjoy their honeymoon.

As Green Lantern tries to take off he falls down. Unable to fly without his ring being charged. Captain Marvel flies him to China. Although this is Earth-8 Alan Scot’s Starheart is apparently still in China. Green Lantern charges his ring and then sets off. Back to Fawcett. The comic book once again hints that Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick both had more then enough of a honeymoon night; in Billy’s bedroom. As Liberty Belle opens the shade she see’s Captain Marvel and Green Lantern right outside. As Liberty Belle is embarrassed for the second time she wakes up her husband. As Johnny Quick gets dress in a blink of an eye they are off toward the rock of Eternity.

Shazam speaks to the four people. Knowing of course the reason and way for him to get home. He doesn’t allow Captain Marvel to leave the place with the friends. Explaining to the heroes what they have to do. Johnny takes Liberty Belle and Green Lantern flies himself to China to steal a piece of the Heart. With a piece with him Alan takes them off into the Red and Purple sky. Captain Marvel attempts to ask the Wizard for advice but before any can be given the Wizard Shazam is gone. Gone because he knows Captain Marvel has Seven years before flying into that same sky. End of All Star Squadron #52

Back Up Story- Shanghaied into Hyperspace Interlude one.

Hawkman wakes up in space not knowing where he is. As he bails on the spaceship that he was on he sees a man being attacked by lizard birds. Hawkman helps the man. Apparently the man was on a diplomatic mission. His wife was kidnapped. Hawkman chooses to help. As he beats up the kidnapper and his forces he frees the wife. Hawkman gets help by those loyal to the daughter. At the end of it all the man he saved gives him Radium so that he may combat diseases on earth. Hawkman then shoots off into space.

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