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Dr Fate (along with the Atom) return to his tower in Salem Massachusetts. Where he intends to use the few magics he has left to him to seek out the missing Spectre. Upon arrival they find Inza has been knocked out and an intruder in the tower. The intruder is Amazingman a black super powered employee of the Ultra-humanite. They battle which ends seeminly in Fate and the Atom unconscious. Amazingman tries to leave with the helmet without luck. As he attempts to absorb the power of the helmet the Atom regains consciousness, grabbing Am returning him to flesh and bone and knocking him out by throwing him into a wall. Atom recognizes Am as Will Everett the Olympic champion. Fate has Atom place Everetts hand on the orb of Nabu, at which everett still unconscious tells his origin story. Fate puts on the Helmet of Nabu (that he had given up because it had started to control him) and he and Atom leave with AM in tow.

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