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The Mighty Atom in “Steam Engine"

The Justice Society’s maverick mighty-mite is too hotheaded for his own good. But the cure for his condition may be even worse!

The Spectre & Starman in “P.O.V. – A Fable”

When the all-powerful Spectre puts humanity on trial, it’s up to Starman Ted Knight to convince him that the human race is worth keeping around!

Wonder Woman, Phantom Lady & Liberty Belle in “Way of the Amazon”

The All-Star Squadron’s lady aces take on Nazi spies, only to be upstaged by the strangest crime-fighter of the Golden Age!

Hourman in “The 90-Minute Man"

The Man of the Hour takes on a villain who’s one and a half times more powerful than himself!

The All-Star Squadron in “Thunderstruck”

Hitler has sent the god of thunder to destroy the leaders of the Allied Forces. Will the Shining Knight and Firebrand make this their finest hour? Or will this be a date which will live in infamy?

The Sandman, Wonder Woman & Hawkman in “Waking Nightmare”

The Justice Society’s Wonder Woman and Winged Warrior have been tricked into a deadly duel, and only the Dream Detective can save them!

Wildcat & Starman in “The Ropes”

The newest Starman, Jack Knight, punches through the generation barrier to teach Wildcat an unlikely lesson in courage.

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