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The Justice Society of America are called to Keystone City. The Thorn has been killing police officers, in her bid to take over the city. As the team stands over the corpse of the Thorn's latest victim, Detective Jack Reily, the call comes through that the Thorn is attacking the courthouse. In Egypt, Carter Hall bids farewell to his wife, Shiera, as he dons his new costume. Intent on checking in with the Justice Society of America, Hall never gets the chance as a sinister shadow envelops him. The Justice Society of America make short work of the Thorn's minions. The Thorn, though, still manages to poison her intended target, Judge Anders. The Golden Age Flash races Judge Anders to a nearby hospital. The Justice Society of America engage the Thorn, and her minions, in combat.

Just as they're on the verge of triumph, the Thorn slashes Wildcat, across the face, with one of her poison thorns. Wildcat immediately crumples to the ground. With the team forced to tend to Wildcat, the Thorn escapes. At the hospital, the doctor informs the team that Judge Anders has died, making him the Thorn's eighth victim. Wildcat is barely hanging on. Due to a prior brain injury, the result of being flash frozen by the Icicle, the doctor can do nothing for Wildcat. The Golden Age Green Lantern sends the Huntress to Gotham City, to retrieve the Icicle's weapon, from the Justice Society of America's headquarters. Unbeknownst to the team, they are observed by the Thorn, disguised as a nurse. With the team assembled against her, the Thorn decides to call in some back-up. The Huntress arrives at the Justice Society of America's headquarters, only to find the Golden Age Huntress waiting for her.

The Thorn storms the hospital, attacking the Justice Society of America. In her company is the Sportsmaster. The sports-themed villain hurls a softball hand grenade into the room, which explodes spectacularly across Power Girl's chest. Power Girl continues to block the exploding softballs, keeping the hospital staff from injury. The Golden Age Green Lantern moves in to take down his old foe, but the Sportsmaster fells him with a rocket propelled baseball bat. As the villains prepare to depart, the Thorn hurls her calling card, a poisonous thorn, at Power Girl. The Golden Age Flash tackles Power Girl, to keep her from getting hit. Power Girl, incensed, reminds the Golden Age Flash that she is, in fact, invulnerable. Though the villains have escaped, the doctors, at least, have a sample of the Thorn's poison, which may lead to a treatment for Wildcat. With the Justice Society of America's headquarters layered with traps, the Huntress finds herself the prey for her Golden Age namesake.

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