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The Star-Spangled Kid, the Huntress, and Wildcat battle against the Strike Force. Hopelessly outnumbered, with the Strike Force bringing heavy weapons into play, the Star-Spangled Kid sacrifices himself, allowing Wildcat and the Huntress to escape. Wildcat activates his Justice Society of America signal device, but the call goes unanswered by the active members. Jay Garrick and Alan Scott are out of costume, and working in the lab, and thus never hear the signal. Doctor Fate does hear the signal, but opts to ignore it. Doctor Fate, instead, chooses to investigate the dark shadow cast within the Tower Of Fate. Inza Nelson watches as Doctor Fate allows the shadow to envelop him, and then he is gone.

Arriving at the Justice Society of America headquarters, the Huntress broadens the emergency signal to reach inactive members, as well. When Wildcat questions the Huntress on how she knows how to use the equipment, the Huntress reveals that she is Bruce Wayne's daughter. Again, the emergency signal garners no response. Power Girl is involved in a conflict of her own. Carter and Sheira Hall are on an archeological expedition in Egypt. Doctor Charles McNider tends to the victims of a massive traffic accident. Clark Kent is dealing with an alien invasion in Metropolis. Bound in chains, the Star-Spangled Kid is stunned to discover that his own nephew, Arthur Pemberton, is the leader of the Strike Force.

Pemeberton is using the Pemeberton fortune to bankroll the Strike Force. With no members, either active or retired, available to assist them, Wildcat and the Huntress return to Gotham Stadium. The Strike Force, though, have already moved out. A clump of astroturf, leads them to the Gotham Meadowlands. Wildcat and the Huntress storm the secret lair of the Strike Force. With the element of surprise on their side, they are able to free the Star-Spangled Kid, who, though groggy, joins the battle. Better prepared for the conflict, the three heroes triumph over the Strike Force. The Star-Spangled Kid personally takes down his nefarious nephew. Realizing the need to resume his civilian identity, and life, the Star-Spangled Kid tenders his resignation from the Justice Society of America. In Egypt, a creeping shadow closes on the Halls.

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