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Wildcat and the Star-Spangled Kid argue over Power Girl's decision to investigate a pit. A group of subterranean warriors emerge from the pit, and attack the three heroes. Wildcat is the first to fall. The subterraneans drag Wildcat to the edge of the pit, but are repelled by the Star-Spangled Kid. Power Girl, having decided the best way to investigate the pit is to allow the subterraneans to win, belts the Star-Spangled Kid. As the subterraneans swarm her, Power Girl activates her Justice Society of America signal device. In Gotham City, Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne surveys the destruction of the Gotham Broadcasting building, at the hands of the Golden Age Green Lantern.

In Cape Town, South Africa, the Golden Age Flash, the Golden Age Hawkman, the Golden Age Robin, and Doctor Fate wait patiently, while surgeons tend to Hourman's injuries. Receiving Power Girl's signal, the elder members of the Justice Society of America depart, leaving the Golden Age Robin to watch over Hourman. Held prisoner by the subterraneans, Power Girl breaks free of her bonds, and fights her way to their leader, Aeryn, the Underlord. Distracted by her teammates, Power Girl, along with the Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat, are subdued by Aeryn. Upon arriving at the mouth of the pit, Doctor Fate leaves the investigation to the Golden Age Flash and the Golden Age Hawkman.

Doctor Fate, instead, journeys to Gotham City, for a confrontation with Wayne. After an exchange of heated words, Doctor Fate departs. Wayne issues an arrest warrant for the Justice Society of America. Upon entering the pit, the Golden Age Flash and the Golden Age Hawkman are immediately beaten into unconsciousness by Aeryn. They awaken in a sealed chamber, imprisoned along with Power Girl, Wildcat, and the Star-Spangled Kid. Power Girl hammers her way out of their cell, and engages Aeryn, once more, in combat. The Golden Age Hawkman and the Golden Age Flash opt not to join the conflict. The Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat are quick to back-up Power Girl. Fearing that Aeryn may have just slain the Star-Spangled Kid, an enraged Power Girl beats the Underlord down. Unbeknownst to Power Girl, the Golden Age Hawkman was able to keep the Star-Spangled Kid from suffering injury.

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