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At the start of this issue we find The Joker, admiring a crying Gotham City, who has just drugged and had sex with a city prosecutor. He tells her that he loves her, in his own, special way. Then he punches her in the face and strangles her to death with her own tie. Emerging from the hotel room, he tells Bruno to "Get rid of it."

During this, Batman explains to Dick Grayson about who The Joker is. Shortly after, Batman takes a very drugged-up triggerman (the one who killed Dick's parents) and dumps him in the trunk of the Batmobile. He takes him to one of Gotham's many piers, but on the way, he finds the Green Lantern symbol high in the sky. He mutters, "Not HIM...not THAT moron. ...Jesus, what a BOTHER" then he dumps the murdering "gun for hire" in the water.

Robin is walking around the Batcave and looking at all of the "cool" weapons, he picks up a bow and arrow and images Robin Hood in the dead of night taking aim up at the sky, he then asks Alfred for some "Tights. And a mask. And a cape. With a hood."

Batman goes high into the night to investigate the Green Lantern symbol, he finds the source of the signal, Hal Jordan, the Emerald Crusader, stuffing his face with a hot dog and a soda. When Bats asks what he wants, Hal replies with, "I just want to talk." So Batman gives him a location and a time.

During this, The Joker gives a proposition to Catwoman. She tells him that she is "all ears."

When Batman arrives back at the batcave, he finds the costumed Dick Grayson firing an arrow at Batman, he catches it and says "Nice shot, kid."

He replies, "Don't call me kid. Don't call me boy. Don't call me brat. Don't call me a little snot. Call me Hood." Dick explains that his dad would always make him watch these really old Robin Hood movies and that's what inspired his costume.

Batman shows him that on the street, any thug with half a brain would pull that hood down over his face. "Lose the hood. You're Robin"

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