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After Black Canary watches Batman beat the living crap out of some thugs that were trying to steal crates and crates of bleach down at the pier, she jumps on him and gives him some sugar. They continue to make out on the boardwalk in the poring rain until old bats offers her a ride home in his car.

Back at the Batcave Dick Grayson has a lot of time to think, he thinks he is going crazy, crazy as Batman.

While he is thinking about all of this Bruce arrives with the triggerman that murdered Dick's parents, then he gives him a choice kill the man or spare him.

Become an avenger or a detective?

Dick chose detective, but still beat the shit out of the hired gun that shot his parents to death.

The man talks and tells the dynamic duo who hired him.

Batman does not like the answer. Not one bit.

On the end page the reader is left with a playing card. You know the one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!

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I'm the Goddamn LUNATIC!! 0

That was it? That was literally 2 plot points, 3 if you count the continuation from issue 6. Miller, can you really not make more of a plot, I mean besides reusing the same dialogue over and over again. It literally took 7 issues to find out who payed Jocko-Boy, this could have been done with a lot more simplicity and deliberation, but no, we need constant monologues about how awesome Batman-oh I'm sorry- the GODDAMN BATMAN is. And why is it so hard to focus on Batman and Robin in a comic about...

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All Star Batman And Robin Boy Wonder #7: I'll Take You To School! 0

"Grayson. Front And Center." -  Batman. Frank and Jim continue to tell the story on, Batman meeting his young Ward, Dick Grayson, and eventual partner. Batman takes Gotham Shipyard thugs to school in one particular subject. Chemistry. Batman continues to beat the living daylights out of the thugs, until all of them are unconscious. Black Canary thanks Batman in her own special way. However, later on Batman puts young Dick Grayson to the test. A test where he must decided to become an, Avenger or...

5 out of 6 found this review helpful.
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