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The pulse-pounding adventure continues with the All Star creative team of Frank Miller, Jim Lee and Scott Williams! The Batman puts Dick Grayson to the ultimate test, and the orphaned aerialist must make a difficult choice before becoming Robin, the Boy Wonder!

Five hours ago...

Wonder Woman is in Metropolis and is not happy. She is disgusted with "man's world" with all the stink and filth around. She thinks something has to be done about Batman. She meets with Superman, Hal Jordan, and Plastic Man. Superman has gathered them there because of Batman's latest alleged kidnapping of a young boy. He says they need to bring him in and turn him over to the authorities. Hal comes to his defense saying that they don't know if he really kidnapped the kid. He suggests they find him and try to talk some sense into him. Plastic Man thinks they should have him join them. He thinks Batman is cool and would make them look "edgier." It seems he may be saying this to get Wonder Woman riled up. She wants to hunt him down and kill him. She wants to cut off his head and put it on a stake to show the world that they will police their own.

Superman lashes out, yelling and slamming his fist against the wall. The wind from the force is enough to knock down Wonder Woman as if she were nothing. She is outraged over being caused to bleed. She tells Superman she hates his guts and that he makes her sick. She spits on him then they share a passionate kiss. She leaves saying they will have their chance. If they cannot settle things, they she will take care of Batman.

Now, Gotham City...

Batman is running across the rooftops...laughing. He is thrilled to be alive and on the hunt. Hearing a woman scream, he jumps down into an alley, laughing some more. He brutally takes out two men trying to have their way with a woman. He gives one man a compound fracture in his arm that will never heal properly so he will always remember him. The other man has his teeth smashed. When he mutters at Batman, he simply pounds on him over and over again. The woman watches in shock, then slowly begins to smile.

In Wayne Manor, Alfred is working out with a punching bag. He thinks back about how Bruce's mother never really got to know the real Bruce. He says it wasn't until her last seconds in life that she would see the demon in his eyes as she and her husband lie in the alley dying. Alfred is concerned with Bruce taking in a young boy to enter his dark world. He prays that the boy will survive. He is concerned over the sanity of Bruce.

In the Batcave, Dick Grayson is exploring the place. He thinks that it is almost like a museum. He finds a section that is filled with medievil weapons. He notes that the weapons are all polished and sharpened, ready to use. He picks up a huge axe and thinks how cool that is.

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All Star Batman And Robin #5: I Love Being The Batman! 0

"It's A Perfect Night. A Hunters Night." - Batman. Frank and Jim continue to tell the story on how,  The Dark Knight meets Dick Grayson, and also on how he saves/kidnaps/recruits a 12-year-old boy onto his War On Crime! Now since the arrival to the Batcave is over, Batman goes to work on fighting the scum in Gotham City! Every inch of Batman is Alive and on fire. Frank begins to show how violent Batman can be on the ground. Overwhelming odds don't scare Batman, it thrills him even more! Frank an...

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