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In This Issue: 
This is, apparently, the last issue of the series.  Batman and Robin run off to rescue Catwoman.  Batgirl incites a riot and gets arrested.  Black Canary lights a fire and leaves some crime lords behind to become crispy critters.  And Gordon races to the hospital to see his wife who was just in a car accident.
The Good:
What really popped out to me was all the Frank Miller influences in Jim Lee's already impressive artwork. It was like Lee's art with Miller's style.  Pretty awesome stuff!  I also love how Miller humanizes all of the characters.  When Batman finds Catwoman he calls her "baby" and that instantly humanizes him from the cold detached Batman of the mainstream DCU.
The Bad:
I'd have to say that most (not all) of the bad is on my part.  I hadn't been keeping up with this series for a few issues because of it's erratic publication frequency.  I saw this at the store one day and decided to pick it up to, hopefully catch up on what was going on.  Well, I went on my two year hiatus from comics and now I'm reading this and I have NO idea what's going on.  All this really tells me is that I have to pick up the trades.
Anyways, the only thing I really didn't like about this issue was how wordy it was.  Miller taps into the minds of Batman, Gordon, Batgirl, and Canary and sometimes it really works and sometimes it really didn't, at least for me.  Really wordy comics make me bored after awhile.  I like comics that have a good even flow of words that are nicely supported by the art.
The Final Verdict:
This issue had two legendary creators working on it so you really can't go wrong; if you throw Miller and Lee into a room together for ten minutes anything they produce will be golden.  I'm really sorry to see this title ending (I laugh because I'm saying this two years after it actually ended).  The art is great, but the wordiness distracts from that a bit, so I've decided to give this issue 3.5 stars.  The only problem is that I don't know if that's all because of the wordiness issue or if it's a bias because I didn't know what was going on.  I guess you guys can decide for yourselves.
Until next time...
Posted by Silkcuts

I have this issue, well the swear one.  I got it cover so I am excite.  But I won't read it because of the value of it.  Thanks for the review, looks like I won't need to hunt down a non-swear version.
 - Silkcuts

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