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All star CRAP

 Sorry but, I disagree. Respectfully of course. This was bar none the WORST Batman story I have ever read. That say's a lot because I bought it before even looking inside or reserching about it. I figured ..its Frank Miller and Jim Lee.. hell YES !!. But man was I wrong. It might have been a decent story if it was not about Batman but, it was about Batman. You can call it a re imagining or whatever , but this is just NOT BATMAN. The guy laughs like a manic, he seems happy to injure, he almost kills, and he is a complete asshole! everyone else is useless in the story. Joker is drawn way to muscular for my taste and if you can believe it laughs less than Batman. What was Frank thinking with this ludicrous dialogue.." I'm the Goddamn Batman ! ". I mean , come on. I expect much more from the man who pretty much brought life into the character again in the late 80's. This is just utter drivel that very nearly tarnished his career. The only thing that is worth mentioning is Jim Lee's art. As usual he drew it magnificently , except for maybe the Joker. It is the only comic I read and immediatly sold because I didn't even want it on my shelf. What a waste.

Posted by Hit_Monkey

What an absolute load mate, this comic kicked!!

Posted by TekTheNinja

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