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The series begins at the Gotham City carnival. At this time, a family of skilled acrobats the" Flying Graysons" are currently on display performing there routine.In downtown Gotham City, Vicki Vale is residing in her apartment trying to visualize the new "Man of Steel" and how the Gotham equivalent doesn't compare. Mentioning Batman as a "flying rodent", she begins to criticize him, and complain about how she doesn't have as much as Metropolis' reporters to report about. At this time, she is summoned by Alfred Pennyworth to meet Bruce Wayne on a night out on the town. In awe, she quickly finds the perfect dress. As she meets Alfred outside, he mentions to her that they will be attending the circus.

Skipping to the couple at the circus, Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale witness the Flying Graysons in action. The two are impressed, though Vicki seems spend more time trying to start conversation with Bruce Wayne, while he pays more attention on the young talent Richard "Dick" Grayson. As the family takes a bow and begins to retire, his parents are assassinated, both seemingly shot in the head. Everyone including young Dick Grayson and Vicki Vale are in a sudden panic. The only man that appears calm in the situation is Bruce Wayne, secretly the Batman.

As the killer tries to make an escape, he is hit with a tool by Batman seemingly causing mass hallucinations and phobias. Not knowing where Bruce has disappeared to, Vicki Vale appears outside and is confronted by a police officer. After yelling at the man, and criticizing the Gotham Police force, the officer slaps her across the face with his baton. As Alfred comes to her aid, she jumps in the car Alfred has driven in, pulling him along. Speeding through Gotham in pursuit of the police car holding the young Dick Grayson, she takes pictures of where the car is driving convinced that they will harm the boy. The cops stop the car in the middle of the Gulch, a small piece of land where no one seems to reside. As the men are about to beat the boy, Batman, knowing the corrupt police would take him there, sets a trap. Bats fly pass the police, scratching and scaring them. As they run away in fear, they leave Grayson to be killed or so they thought. Batman shows himself and grabs Grayson saying " On your feet soldier, you've just been drafted. Into a war".







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