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  1. Murder -- Done over crumpled scraps of paper covered with mysterious scrawls! Captain America and Bucky battle "Knucks" Connors and his killer mob to unlock the enigma of "The Tick-Tack-Toe Murder!"
  2. NYLON! An important factor in winning the war! Nylon for glider tow-lines, parachutes, and countless other life-saving devices! Nylon desperately needed by our brave troops! That's why thinking patriotic Americans stood stunned with horror as they watched precious quantities of essential material being diverted into black market hosiery! Then the Human Torch and Toro took a hand and matched their wits against the diabolical and ruthless cunning of the "Black Marketeers of Death".
  3. A fierce battle rages in the skies, two planes lock in deadly combat. Two Pilots -- and one must die! For when Jap Buster Johnson tangles with Japan's deadliest ace, the law of the jungle prevails, kill or be killed in "Kito, Japanese Fighter Pilot"







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