Marvel Legends Releases All New X-Men Set

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In Brian Michael Bendis' ALL-NEW X-MEN, the original five X-Men come to the future and end up staying in the present, for now. Starting in February, you'll be able to pick these characters up in the Marvel Legends All-New X-Men set, available exclusively at Toys R Us. The set contains classic versions of Iceman, Cyclops, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey). Here's a few pictures of the set and figures.

The box set will cost $84.99, but some sources say the price was raised on the Toys R Us site to $139.99. Currently, it's not available to view on their website. These figures are 6 inches in height, and as always, have many points of articulation for posing the characters any way you want.

Make sure to keep your eye out for these figures on Feb. 1, and we'll have more info about these and many other comic book toys during ToyFair.

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Yeah they look nice, saw them on twitter. I hope there's a sunday toy review for this!!

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What a ripoff!

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What a ripoff!

That is kind of a rip off.

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@inferiorego: I have mixed feelings about these action figures. They look nice but would have been cooler if the characters were less bulky like in the actual comics. Cyclops and Angel should be slim or toned not brolic or muscular. Beast also looks strange for some reason.

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I'd love to buy this set, but realistically it should be 60 bucks ,tops!

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84$? hell no

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I'm pretty sure this is the same box set from about 15 years ago with different packaging.

#9 Posted by caughtmau5 (22 posts) - - Show Bio

@longbowhunter: not even close man, i used to own that set and it was SWEET!!!! this is totally different

too bad i lost it

#10 Posted by longbowhunter (7749 posts) - - Show Bio

@caughtmau5: You're right. I just looked up the set from '97 and the sculpts are completely different.

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I'm Excited for the Red Hood & The Outlaws action figures

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i like how everyone except iceman has marvel in front of their name

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I have the Toy Biz set from the 90s. Check out the different sculpts.

#14 Posted by redhood21 (816 posts) - - Show Bio

ill buy this solely for the wee hank

#15 Posted by Sleepbutnodream15 (570 posts) - - Show Bio

Too bulky. The guys all look like adult bodybuilders. Jean looks okay though.

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Marvel Legends invites you to travel back to a simpler time before everything got so f***ing complicated...

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This is awesome! Unfortunately, I've only just started collecting figures and this is way too expensive for me right now...

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DC is way more cooler.

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It's interesting. If this All-New X-Men set was a SDCC exclusive, I could see Hasbro selling through these at this price with no problem. But because it's a store exclusive, this price seems excessive to me. I'm guessing these figures eventually hit the clearance rack if they're produced in good numbers. Patience may be a virtue if you're interested in this set.

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@dbatdog: don't start a fanboy war here

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i agree , should be around 60 bucks

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@ravisher: $60 would be only $12/figure. While I'd love that bargain, that price hardly seems realistic when 6" Marvel Legends hover around $20/figure depending on what store you're shopping at. I think $100 would have been a fair price for this set.

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Wow, for five figures, we have to shell out almost $90? No thanks...

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Is it weird that I'd already forgotten about these costumes, since the introduction of the new ones?

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Any figure that's even remotely cool skyrockets to like $600 in a millisecond. I've basically given up on buying them at all. Whenever I find a steal on ebay some user always has it fixed so that the bid goes up and up and up. Also, people will bid on something without a "buy it now" like 6 days before it even ends which is totally idiotic, you should keep the price down any way you can.

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Nice set, outrageous price

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Lets think about this for a second. If these figures sold individually, would you pay $17 for a retro Cyclops? I just paid $17 for the Guardians of the Galaxy set (then again, I would've paid $10 for a Rocket Raccoon).
And I agree with a previous post: the Toy Biz version is superior to this current X-Men offering. $35 - $40 seems reasonable for a set like this.
This is just another attempt to dip into those loyal fanboy coffers and milk nostalgia for all they can get.

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