dark_noldor's All-New X-Men #6 review

Dreams, Motorcycles and Flying with Angels

So the original X-Men are going to stay a little longer than Beast (present-going-throught-his-third-not-so-well-explained- mutation-Hank) anticipated. The reason? Trying to turn Scott Summers (former heroe, new self proclaimed leader of a new school without much explanation either of his plans or alliegence current present Cyclops) from his current path and again back to the side of the "good boys", although this is quite a complex, ambiguous, vague and with shades of grey concept. But firsts things first and the day MUST begin with a breakfast, yes, Bendis keeps on worrying about America's nutrition, but surprise, surprise, instead of boring long pages containining only scenes of "Let's stay confined in a table scenario discussing what will we do", Bendis stepped in and actually delivered awesome dialogues, with self contained events, shifting the cafeteria scenes with Jean and Kitty getting to break the ice a little. Something very good about this issue is how Bendis worked very well the strangeness surrounding the characters: the original X-Men team comes back from the past and this certainly had a deep impact both on them and the actual residents of Jean Grey School. It's an awkward situation and Bendis described it very well with the scenes of young Summers facing curious and angry eyes in the cafeteria, with Jean dealing with all she learned in the last issue or even the incredible meeting of the Angels. Both sides are acclimatating to this new situation and that's something Bendis really put some time and energy in showing, that's an important thing about this new series, the fact the characters involved aren't quite confortable with each other. Oddly, things I liked a lot and disliked a lot happened with the same interactions between Slim (getting-old-jokes-from- the-past-Scott) and Logan (still old, but present Wolverine): while there were excellent dialogues and a certain action, I sensed a lack of purpose in Summer's (yep, still the 12 years old boy scout) actions, sure, he's angry, he's confused, but leaving his team in this point wasn't the best course of action. Definitely I'm loving Bendis' portrait of Jean Grey, the best character in this book by far. David Marquez' reallistic art was a very different change from the previous issues, but his style is easily accepted by the majority of readers, so Immonen's absentia is bad, but not something that makes the book look bad. This issue was all about relationships and characters' building, something very characteristic of Bendis and being in the middle of arc stories, those who love action packed issues probably won't enjoy this book a lot, since not much actually happened, but apart from some problems with the narrative sctructure (sometimes I made mistakes about which was the right sequence of the story) and time to focus on certain characters (like where was present Cyclops? What about present Beast? None explanation about his current situation), this issue was pretty good!


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