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Too Much Filler... But Still Killer

Overview: So the story picks up the morning after last issue and the original team has decided to stay in their bleak future, but will they like what they come to find about their future selves and the world they are now living in? Spoilers... Actually, never mind. I'm not entirely sure yet seeing as how this issue didn't progress the story that much. But are fun panels and an interesting ending enough to make this issue worth reading? Actual spoiler... yes!

The Good: While reading this comic, I actually laughed out loud. And to put that into perspective, I'm a reviewer who likes to have a good laugh but rarely does while reading comics. There were a couple of great moments when young Cyclops started moving about in the present day and also a little fun with Kitty and Jean talking in Kitty's bedroom. I felt that this issue took a more lighthearted approach to the series and is easily the least dramatic of the books released thus far (at the time of writing this review). For the past five issues, it's been nonstop drama of characters on the verge of dying, the ethics of time travel, and the whole Scott Summers debacle, but in this issue we get to have some fun watching the original team's first day in the school after deciding to stay. I enjoy this fun approach to comics and actually prefer it. This is what X-Men needs every once in a while.

Also, we get a change of artist in this issue. Marquez isn't really similar to Immonen but that's okay because his pencils here work beautifully. The expressions on the faces of a caring Kitty, to a ticked-off Wolverine, to a distraught young Cyclops all work wonderfully to convey the emotions from panel to panel. I'm going to very much enjoy the rest of his work during his arc because it is just gorgeous.

The Bad: Like I mentioned in the overview, there isn't really much going on in this issue. Bendis is known for creating dense stories and plots and I felt that this issue was a little too much setup and not enough of getting to the heart of the matter. We know what the original team is here to do, we know that very soon it's going to coincide with the upcoming Uncanny X-Men book, and we know that there is still a lot more to be covered before then so why not just get to it. This issue felt like a waste of some prime panel space that could have been used to instead keep the tension growing.

Another small gripe I had with this issue is the little confrontation with young Scott and Wolverine. I don't want to spoil what happened but basically these two got into a little argument. I thought that Wolverine went a little too quickly from being ticked-off to feeling sympathy for the kid and also, let's be honest here, a young Cyclops would never be fast enough or sneaky enough to pull a fast one on Wolverine! That whole scene could have just been handled a bit better in my opinion.

The Verdict: In this issue, it was nice to see Kitty in a motherly role. It was nice to see young Angel finally see what he wanted to see. It was nice to see a little change of art and an overall more lighthearted approach to the series. In the end while I really enjoyed this issue, I felt that it didn't really tell us anything. We're still pretty much left with the same questions. What are the original X-Men going to do? What is their plan? What is present day Cyclops going to do and how is his school doing with the new recruits? It's enjoyable nevertheless and a great read. So far Bendis is doing a good job of having these characters interact with each other. I would just like to see the next issue really hit the ground running. We know something big is going to go down so let's get to it already!

4/5 stars. If you're already reading the series of course you're going to pick this up. However, I feel that if you're short on cash or forgot about it, you could probably miss this issue and not really miss out on a whole bunch of story. If you're new to the series start at the beginning.

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