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All New X-Review ( Spoilers)

Synopsis: Cyclops begins his revolutionary march now with the reveal of the new xavier school and the reappearance of a past member of the extinction team. Are they still the same team as they were before?

What I Liked: Stuarts' artwork continues to be astonishing. His use of coloring and drawings of the x-characters gives the book a different feel than other current x-books. The last panel of this issue looks absolutley beautiful. I appreciate that Bendis reminds us that not everyone hates or is afraid of mutants. The inclusion of the new character of Benjamin and the people around him feel more like a realistic potrayl of how people would react if they found out if they or someone they know had a cool superpower. For the most part, Magneto's dialogue in this issue was solid. It is nice to get an insight of how he really feels about Scott and everything that is happening after AVX. Honestly he is the written the best out of the whole team.

What I Didn't Like: Bendis writes a terrible Emma Frost. She sounds more like a bitter high school teenager than traditional frost. Also how was she still locked up when in the first issue she was clearly free from prison? Did she get captured again back in the east coast? It is all really unclear and less than satisfying. With the exception of Magneto, the dialogue from the extinction team for the most part is pretty lacking; Cyclops shutters "oh no" as much as Shia Lebuff, Magik's " fixer upper" line feels false for the character and as said before, Emma does not sound like Emma.

Verdict: In the end this feels a little more of a step backward from the previous issue in terms of the writting. With the exception of Cyclops breaking Emma out of custody, nothing really happends in this issue. While there are a few positive things about it, this is an issue that is best to borrow than to buy.

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