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They're back!!

Overview: Bendis continues his initiation as a X men writer in the second installment of All New X men

The Good: This story is great from front to back in my opinion. The Art work is simply amazing, Immonen has to be one of the best artist in the industry today and it shows in every panel during this book, it is simply gorgeous in every way. The way Bendis writes the original 5 is very good in my opinion, they are shocked and confused but they are the X MEN DAMN IT, and will not sit back while others deal with things for them. They make their own decisions and go forward with it, its good to see that i was very afraid they would get to the future and get bullied around left and right. Both Icemen are very funny to read and give you the right amount of chuckles at the right time during the book.

The Bad: NO PRESENT TIME CYCLOPS!!! Its not really terrible i honestly didn't miss him till i thought about it afterwards, but if i had to pick something bad that would be it.

The Verdict; If you read X men you NEED to buy this, if you don't read X men SHAME ON YOU start with this book.

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Posted by Mr Marvel82

Great review! This book was SO GOOD! For some time now, X-Men books haven't felt like X-men. This issue had great art, great writing, and evoked a few different emotions while I was reading. I actually like that the pacing was kinda slow, after coming off the whirlwind of AvsX madness. This book is giving fans a chance to see the human side of our favorite heroes. I hope Marvel keeps this formula for a while.

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