cyclops4president's All-New X-Men #13 review

All New X-Men "LUCKY" 13 - Youre a winner if you read this book!

Cover art: 3/5

This is my 2nd favorite book I pull so I will be a little more judgmental when in comes to favorites. There are feet though! I gave Immonen a whole extra point from 2 to 3 for drawing in the feet. The cover depicts the original 4 of 5 X-Men sans Angel surrounded by Hydra. The color is good, the art angle is great, but compared to the cover of issue 3 or 4, which are AWESOME, this cover falls into the sub-awesome category, not only for this series but for all the other awesome covers from this week.

Story Art: 4/5Immonen makes up for a relatively blah cover, with two amazing Splash pages featuring Jean Grey in all her Phoenix glory. To be honest, the rest of the book art was "eh" but these two pages "set it on fire" for me, and brought the rating from a 2.5/5 to a 4/5

Story line: 4/5

Brian Michael Bendis does a great job at creating comics that anyone would enjoy, at any point of the series, weather they are picking this book up for the first time, or have been an avid X-Men fan or fan of this series All New X-Men.

The story starts at the end page, Jean Grey going all Phoenix on everyone, and the rest of the book leads into how and why this came to be. If you look at my images I have posted you can pretty much tell why and how.

4 of the 5 original X-Men (sans Angel), Wolverine, and Shadowcat (Kitty Pride, IDK why they never call her Shadowcat anymore) are on the hunt for Mystique and her band of misfits. Wolverine and Kitty show Jean that she can telepathically "cover" the team why they are on the ground, and Ice-Man interjects that he make stuff cold. funny moment. This works well enough, until Jean looses focus and the team is discovered and they have to high-tale it out of there. Ice-Man does indeed make "stuff" cold with a huge ice wall that helps them escape from local military/authorities.We find out why Mystique has been steeling everything she can get her shapshifting hands on - she wants to buy Madripoor Island from the Hydra with a humongeous pile of cash. Wolverine and Kitty lead a charge from the roof of the warehouse with the young X-Men in tow and start to "get it on". They are doing pretty well, Ice-Man skating around whoopin it on, Beast bouncing in the air droppin it like its hot, Cyclops blasting his way through the crowd, and then Jean, poor Jean does not keep her Psychic defenses up against Lady Mastermind, and the next thing you get is, well , you can see for yourself, a floating Jean Grey + Phoenix. Lady Mastermind is pissed at Jean, says F it, I'm going for revenge so watch out! I'm taking over Jean Grey!

Overall: 5/5 I know what your thinking, Cover art = 3/5, story art= 4/5, story line= 4/5, how do you get 5/5? Well, this is the X-Men, original X-Men at that, and Jean Grey, and Phoenix, I mean, how is not 5/5?!!!! Pick this book up and treasure it. It was special.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review. I really loved this issue, and it was one of the better ones in the series.

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